Contractors of intoDetroit

We’ve hired lots of folks to help us renovate the Sullivan House in Detroit. Finding those people was one of the hardest parts of the renovations, so here’s a list of the ones we’ve worked with and recommend.

Handy Andy Services, General Contractor & Handyman

What they did: Plumbing, carpentry, drywall, wall & ceiling repairs, full kitchen & bathroom renovations, window replacement, appliance installation, consulting on DIY repairs and painting, re-roofing & structural repairs to the carriage house, and custom replica doors and windows.

Soley Heating

What they did: Installed a new high-tech boiler and on-demand water heater unit (2012). Removed the old boiler and re-piped to the new system. Pressure tests and radiator replacement. Consulted on needs and gave advice before and after installation. Ongoing advice & service, and drained / refilled the system again in 2015 to facilitate radiator refinishing.

Dave Burcar, Electrician

What he did: Every type of electrical work you can imagine in an 1899 wood frame house. He ran into every problem you’d expect (and many no one could), and found a way around all of them. Most of the wiring in the house is his at this point. You can contact Dave at 586-839-0639.

RC Marsack, Masonry

What they did: Tuck point, repairs, and a new cap and dampers for our main 4-story chimney. Removed an irrelevant, leaking chimney on the back of the house and patched the roof. Concrete floor repair and tuck pointing brick foundation in the basement. You can contact Ralph at rcmarsack at

Randy Penhorwood, Wood Floor Restoration

What he did: Refinished the entire first floor and both staircases, including repair work (plugging holes and spot replacements). Possibly the first time they were refinished in a century, so it was no small task. Uses a (nearly) dustless system that is so efficient I didn’t need to cover anything. You can contact Randy at 586-243-9750.

Andrea Sevonty, Window Restoration

Coming soon!

Pro Home Improvement

What they did: New rain gutters for the entire building, installed in one day. Included custom cutting for the round roof around the front porch.

Renaissance Restoration

What they did: No-nonsense historical facade restoration. Scraped, cleaned, repaired, primed, and painted our wood slat siding and wooden architectural details. The building hadn’t seen paint or a hammer in decades. Respected its historical integrity and helped balance between detail and cost.

Hog Island Woodcraft

What they did: Custom wooden furniture (two loft beds, a standing desk, and lounge chair), custom indoor decorative shelving, and outdoor wooden signs.