Room sponsorship and naming

We’re doing a room-by-room fund drive to renovate the inside of the The Sullivan House, aka Icrontic HQ: Detroit, aka Katherine Hepburn. A lot of people have already been incredibly generous, and we want to make sure everyone gets recognized and knows their help is appreciated. If you contribute $25 or more, or volunteer for a day, your name will be added to a plaque in the room you designate or help with. Money from your purchase will go in a general fund to be used only for repairs, replacements, and painting/staining for the house (in and out).

How to purchase naming rights or a space on the contributors’ plaque: PayPal Lincoln at or send a check to M Lincoln Russell at 24940 Beierman Ave, Warren MI 48091.

As part of the drive, we’re selling naming rights to the rooms. These will be the “lead” amount towards each room. A group could buy the naming rights if they agree on the name. The chosen name will be engraved on a small plaque in or just outside each room. You can reserve a room and split it up over several months. Please clear the name with Lincoln. While nearly anything is fine, our parents will be seeing them so please nothing overtly obscene. Also, consider keeping the name brief enough to refer to in conversation and get engraved.

If you want to separately donate materials or have access to wholesale or discount items, we’re especially in need of primer, quality paint (interior and exterior), and rolled insulation. If you want to send us Domino’s one day, the one on Woodward Avenue delivers. 🙂

We’re just doing first-come, first-serve on room namings. Email me at the same address to reserve one. We’re striking out naming rights and goals below as they are claimed/finished. If this goes well we’ll do another round for additional spaces later (like the attic, cellar, and carriage house). I also listed some of the non-room-specific projects at the end so you know what we’re up against beyond room repairs.

Main Room (goal $1,500, naming rights for $500)

Sullivan Main Room

The Main Room

What it is: The nerve center of the home and the largest room. It is immediately to the left upon entering, and has two gorgeous sets of lead glass pocket doors. A beautiful brick fireplace and wooden mantle are the centerpiece of the room. It contains five windows, two on the west face (front of the house) and 2 on the north face. This is where the big TV and gaming systems will go.

What it needs: Mold removal above the fireplace, new chimney flue, ceiling repair (most significant cracking in the entire house), carpet ripped out, floor refinished, floor outlet replacement, prime & paint. Gas fireplace needs new lines run to it.

Office (goal $1,200, naming $400)

Sullivan office

The future ShortMedia office

What it is: On the south wall, this is a nice large space with a bayed exterior wall and three windows. It has an exterior door to the porch. This will be office space for the occupants and visitors.

What it needs: Remove wallpaper/paint on ceiling, significant crack repair, refinish floor, replace exterior door, prime/spackle/paint, repair derailed pocket door.

Dining Room (goal $1,200, naming $400)

The Sullivan Dining Room

Dining Room

What it is: The classiest room in the joint. Beautiful crown moulding and cross beams adorn the ceiling, it has three recently-replaced windows, and an exterior door to an elevated brick-walled porch overlooking the backyard. This will be a space for eating, drinking, board games, and the best conversations.

What it needs: Significant repairs to the exterior door, a floor outlet must be replaced, stucco patching (ugh, why is there stucco), prime/spackle/paint, refinish floor.

Kitchen (goal $1,000, naming $300)

Sullivan Kitchen

The main area of the Kitchen

What it is: Huge! This will be the production room for Icrontic feasts, and contains the door to the backyard. A conjoined butler’s panty allows plenty of storage and prep space. It’s also completely unfinished.

What it needs: A ton. The final set of old cabinets needs to be removed, drywall installed on this wall, and new cabinets installed (cabinets are in house). Countertops, kitchen sink, and plumbing, gas, & electric must be installed. The radiator and one window must be replaced. New floor installed. The backdoor needs significant repairs. Ceiling drywall and lighting must be installed.

Entranceway / Foyer (goal $900, naming $300)

Sullivan Foyer

The Foyer

What it is: The grand entranceway and main staircase, corridor, and tower room. This is the first place you see when entering the house, and the tower room will be used for coats, shoes, and guests’ equipment.

What it needs: Ceiling fixture, giant window in the stairwell (missing), new electrical outlets, significant wall crack repairs, lots of paint stripping & staining, prime & painting, refinish floors.

Half-Bath (goal $600, naming $200)

What it is: A tiny closet of a bathroom, off of the kitchen of all places.

What it needs: Toilet & sink need plumbing and installation. Drywall needs to be finished. Window repair and cabinet installation. Floor tiling.

Main Bathroom (goal $1,000, naming $300)

What it is: A gloriously spacious bathroom with a modern tub, separate shower, new toilet, and sink. It is completely renovated; it was gutted (including floor joists) and rebuilt.

What it needs: Two walls still need to be insulated installed (drywall). All electrical work must be finished with outlets. New plumbing must be run (damn copper thieves). Sink must be installed, and trap installed for tub. Floor and wall tiling. Ceiling painted. Faucets and shower hardware installed. Tub must be raised 4 inches to work around drain being aligned on a stud.

Master Suite / Guest Room (goal $1,000, naming $300)

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

What it is: Two-room suite that covers the entire front of the house (above the foyer and main room); includes a fireplace. Lincoln will be using both rooms but the side with the fireplace will be reserved for guests.

What it needs: Mold removal above fireplace, repair to face of the fireplace & tile, repairs for five windows, prime/spackle/paint, replace floor moulding, add doors, pull grounds to existing outlets, ceiling fixture. Ceiling & wall patching.

Other Bedrooms (3) (goal $600 each, naming $200 each)

Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Second bedroom needs: Prime/spackle/paint, refinish floors, repair main door and add lock.

Third bedroom needs: Ground wire pulled and run to existing electrical, prime/spackle/paint, new ceiling fixture, refinish floors, repair closet door hardware.

Fourth bedroom needs: Ground wire pulled and run to existing electrical, scape/prime/spackle/paint, refinish floors, repairs to interior of closet.

Attic (not yet up for sponsorship)

The attic will eventually be the most amazing space in the house. Lincoln has crazy, crazy plans for it. Presently, its windows are in dire condition, the woodwork outside the top of the tower needs replacement, and it needs a TON of insulation and caulk. Eventually, it will be finished with drywall and need minor floor repairs and finishing.

Carriage House (not yet up for sponsorship)

Carriage House

Carriage House

The property comes with a 2-story carriage house (yes, it has carriage doors that open into the yard). Unfortunately it needs a new roof, new siding, water damage repairs inside, windows, a handrail, repairs to the floor on the second floor, and electrical work. And that’s just to get it dry and safe.

Other Projects

  • Asbestos removal from basement. We really don’t want mesothelioma and neither do our guests. Abatement estimate over the phone was $3,000, but it may be considerably more when an on-site quote is given.
  • Painting the exterior, replace damaged siding on south wall, replacing gutters and fascia. Requires tons of scaffolding, possibly custom building some for the north facade. This will be more expensive than the entire main floor combined. I won’t even list a number because it scares me too much.
  • Windows in every room need repair (wood frame with sash weights). Lincoln will be doing this slowly over the course of years to restore them.
  • Lots of plumbing repairs and replacements in the basement, including two major repairs to the sewer drains.
  • Electrical upgrades to second floor and miscellaneous repairs.
  • Repair back porch and add hand railing.
  • Repair cracks in rear chimney (requires contractor).
  • Get ivy under control in the backyard before it kills our trees and ruins the back facade.

Footnote: Officially, these donations would all be private gifts to Lincoln (The IRS basically makes it impossible to explain donations to a business) so no taxes are involved. Obviously you should contribute only if you’re comfortable with that.