Sponsors of the Sullivan House

To help fund the renovations of the Sullivan House, we “sold” naming rights to all the rooms and spaces in the house. Most sponsorships were claimed by members of Icrontic.com, our sister site. Names will be commemorated in or near each room after we pass inspection. Here is a list of who sponsored each space and what they chose to name it.

Room Sponsors Name
Great Room Dan S., Bobby C., Rob U., Bobby M., Richard W.,
Charlotte T. (PirateNinja, BobbiDigi, GHoosdum, UPSLynx, pigflipper, Charshie)
The Pacific Room
Parlor/Office Jokke Little Norway
Dining Room CB, Rob U., David B., Joe L., Ben B.
(CB, GHoosdum, Zanthian, CrazyJoe, Colgere)
Mitey Worriers’ Mead Hall
Kitchen Eli R. & Anne B. (prag & Annes) The Time is 12:42
Foyer/Tower Ryan B. (Cannonfodder) Goomba Tower
Front Porch David & Kathy Russell The David A. & Kathleen J. Russell Memorial Veranda
Vestibule Ryan W. (Bandrik) The Warp Pipe
Dining Porch Johnathan R. (Gargoyle) Null Island
Kitchen Porch Mike C. (midga) The Magical Friendship Back Porch
Half Bathroom John D. (Straight Man) The Powder Room
Master Bedroom Donna & Bruce Russell Rocky’s Retreat
Bedrooms 2-4 Jimmy J. (tiberiuslazarus) TBA
Bathroom Quinton H. (QCH) Healy’s Humble Hideout
Linen Closet Sarah W. (WagsFTW) The Linen Library
Hallway Nick M. (mertesn) The Walk of Shame
Attic Jokke Hall of Heroes
Attic Turret Ben S. (cola) Dickclown Keep
Basement Jokke The Subterranean Realm
Boiler Matt J. (Snarkasm) N/A
Studio Nick T. (Tushon) Little Shop of Horrors
Cellar Jokke Valhall
Carriage House Jimmy & Ryan B. 2Fort
CH Loft Icrontic [Reserved]

In addition to room sponsorships, many folks donated money to the cause without reserving a space. They are: Eric Ryder, Evan H., Andy Davis, Kwitko, Thom K., Dunigan, Spencer, Rob Hallock, Megan, Zach L., Drew B., Addison W., and Chris (Zuntar). Their names will go on a contributors’ plaque in the house. A huge thank you to everyone!

If you’d like to get on the contributors’ plaque, it’s not too late. A donation of $25 or more via Square or Paypal to Lincoln at destruction@gmail.com (or in person) will get you on there.

Or, suggest a space or feature you’d like to sponsor for a pledge of $250 or more. Some ideas: the great room fireplace, the first floor hallway, the grand staircase, and the backyard. Or, you know, the coat closet.