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Light rail to be replaced with rapid bus system. Thoughts?

By now, we've probably all heard the news that the Woodward Light Rail plans have been killed in favor of a rapid bus system.

It's easy to get emotional; hell, last night I was sitting around the counter with @lincoln and our friend Ryan; we were actually having a conversation about moving to Detroit, and literally right in the middle of the conversation I saw this news. It was like deflating a balloon. The air left the room.

Ryan wrote about it today on his blog, and he's got a point; go ahead, dumb-ass politicians and all you others who have kept holding us back. Keep making your bad moves. We'll continue to build Detroit from the inside out, despite you.


  • This was just abysmally disappointing. It felt like the wind got knocked out of me. I seriously wonder what Bing thinks he's doing. I feel like he's sold out the city on this one.
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