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Hello, and welcome to IntoDetroit!

Introduce yourself here, say hi to the community, and tell us a bit about yourself. Are you moving to Detroit? Thinking about it? Living here now?

I'm Brian, I'm 34 with two kids. I live with my sons, my girlfriend, my best friend, and two dogs. We bought a house in Woodbridge and are renovating it.

My first post details my Detroit experience and why I want to go back. What's your story?


  • Hi. I'm Jokke. Some of you may know me from Brian and Matt's other site, I'm 22 years old, from Norway. Currently attending the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy to become a naval navigator. I'm not moving to Detroit, but I'm quite excited about this adventure.
  • I'm Q... almost 38, three kids, married, and in the IT industry. I, too, am a member of two other of Brian and Lincoln's websites... and I'd say I am an old friend of theirs. Been there from the beginning. Fitting I'm here too. ;)
  • Uh, I'm Patty. I'm twenty something, and I own a home in a Baltimore suburb with my manfriend, a puppy, and two cats. This is like HGTV but with way less annoying people and I'm more emotionally invested in the success of the renovation.
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    Sup. My name is Jason. I'm 33, and I was born and raised in Detroit. I'm also friends with Matt and Brian. And even though I now live in the Pacific Northwest, I still have a lot of roots in the Metro Detroit area. My last two visits back have been pretty awesome, and my opinion of the city, which has been fairly negative for many years, has greatly improved as a result. I'm really hoping that the city can return to its former glory with the help of people like Matt and Brian, who have decided to cast their lot with Detroit, and looking forward to being a part of the renovation process as much as I can.
  • Hi, I'm Ryan. I am 27, currently living in Dubuque, Iowa. I am currently debating the length of time I will be living here...

    I'm very interested in this project as well. I wish I could be helping, but I've spent every allowable bit of vacation.

    Best of luck on the renovation! I'll keep helping as directly or tangentially as I can :)
  • I'm Joe. I am 32 and I live in Lake Mary, FL. I grew up in Ohio. I would love to help as well, but alas I live half a country away. I definitely cannot wait for Epic in June to see the new place!
  • Bastards, can't put a dash in my username so I had to change it ;)

    You guys know who I am :)
  • Annes. Twentysomethingish. DCish. Trying to figure out how to spend more time in Detroit to help out with the refurbishing. I love these guys.
  • Sarah (a.k.a. WagsFTW/a.k.a. Icrontic Sexy Librarian). Interested in the history behind the home and the Woodbridge neighborhood. Did some research, found some additional information on previous owners, including some widows, and a single women that was a bartender in the 1940s. Very proud and excited for this incredible home to be the new ICHQ, and for them to relocate in the heart of Detroit, which is changing in great ways. Fascinated with the architecture of the home, and look forward to helping in any way I can, including the historic restoration of the home.
  • Hey all, I'm Dave (LazarusXero) and am also a part of Icrontic, although new compared to most... I can't wait to get a tour of the house when I make it out to Expo with QCH this year! Good luck on the renovations! I'll be excited to read all about it!
  • Hello everyone,

    My wife and I owned 4304 Avery from 83 to 92. We did the new roof and boiler back then. Sorry to see the lady in such sad shape. I'm a retired architect now, and can truly understand your passion for the place. I still have dreams about the place. I might have a picture of the stained glass at the stairway that was taken.

    I miss Woodbridge very much, but I don't miss the hassle, expense, or criminal element.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • Hello @sumoarchitect. Thank you so much for signing up and filling in a gap for us!

    I would LOVE to see any pictures you have.

    I understand your feelings about the crime and share your concerns, but I will say that I am a firm believer that the Woodbridge of the 80s and the Woodbridge of today are most likely quite a bit different as far as the criminal element goes.

    The hassle and expense? Yep :D But we're ready for the challenge.
  • I am John, older than you folks, but I try not to be a curmudgeon at all. :)

    I live in Punta Gorda, FL. I am a caring person, an old friend of Brian's. I have not been north in five plus years, and then it was to Traverse City.
  • Hi, I'm Alex, though most people will probably know me better as federica... I'm a middle-aged run-of-the mill mum, from England (the original small country under Norway, and just below Scotland, not the east coast 'New' one :D....)
    "Known" Brian since 2005, but we've never met.... more regular than most on his other website....
    just adding my voice of support and encouragement - and please know, if i could get down and dirty with all those helping - believe me, i really would.....
  • Hi, I'm Cheryl, I have always enjoyed looking at old houses and looking in them. My great grandparents were borm in Poland in the late 1880's and arrived in Detroit in 1904. Seeing your house lets me see what kind of home my ancestors may have lived in that long ago. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!
  • The name's Hubert. I was born and raised in Detroit. North Rosedale Park is the neighborhood where it all happened for me through my college years. My parents still live in the neighborhood.

    In February, my wife and I bought our first house. Our house is right up the street from where I was raised. Yep, we now live in North Rosedale Park - the neighborhood where great families reside.
  • Hi my name is Andy Davis. You may read posts in this blog referring to me, as I am the contractor blessed with the task of guiding Lincoln and Brian through this project and getting them living in the amazing Sullivan House.
    I am originally from the UK but since moving here in 2008 I have a passion for all things Detroit.
  • Hi, I'm Jackie, and I'm pretty random. :D
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    Hey Primesuspect who's that focused at?
  • Hello, they call me Kwitko. I have ventured to the old place on Beierman many times, but haven't had a chance to make it to the Detroit/Warren area for a while. I'm hoping to get there soon.

    I too have renovation horror stories.
  • Hi peeps,

    I'm Brad Hines. I'm doing some research on Detroit and seem to be getting some harshly divided opinions from people in and out of Detroit. I'm currently in Albuquerque. I see a lot of the people who left Detroit currently moving into my community. Though, a lot of the kids of these families want nothing more than to leave Albuquerque and move back to Detroit. I've had the chance to learn a lot about the community but want to see if there is a match here. Please drop me a line at Hines dot Brad at mailmeatgmaildomain dot com

  • Hi @Hinesbrad. I'm not too clear on what you mean by "See if there is a match here". What exactly are you looking for?

    Conversations can be had here in the open at a much better pace and with better feedback rather than someone emailing you. What can we do to help?
  • Another member of the exclusive Club Brian here.

    We moved in down the block from you guys at 3945, by the gas station. Knock sometime for a beer or if you want a helping hand sometime.

  • AND, AND you spell it correctly! Those Bryans have no idea what they're doing. Welcome @briansadek :)
  • I was 34! I barely remember that!

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