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  • Re: It begins: Masonry, Electrical, Painting, Flooring, Plumbing, and more

    As I've repeatedly said: half the project is building your Rolodex of solid folks to work with. You're actually moving super fast from my perspective.

  • Re: Sullivan House: Renovation Log

    In the fall, Soley replaced the water boiler / domestic hot water combo unit. It had developed a leak in the condenser which was determined to be a fault in the unit's design, since corrected. The upside is: free brand new boiler with a new 7-year warranty. Not a bad trade-off for having a little water on the basement floor! We also used the necessary draining of the system to replace a few radiator bleeder & control valves around the house.

  • Re: Sullivan House: Renovation Log

    July 2016:

    • Porch roof was finished in cedar shake.
    • Final roof repairs, flashing, and cleanup.
    • Thus ends the 2-month roof replacement project.
  • Re: Sullivan House: Renovation Log

    The rest of summer 2015 thru yesterday (Sunday):

    • Aaron milled new columns for the attic's north windows.
    • Rennaisance restored the north facade & rebuilt the north attic windows.
    • Andrea restored the office & turret windows.
    • Andrea restored the attic windows; only the south is reinstalled so far.
    • Radiators moved back into place.
    • Nicole painted the kitchen radiator.
    • Removed the back stairs radiator for painting.
    • Brian scraped clean the backstairs radiator & Nicole painted it.
    • Demolished broom closet in back stairs.
    • Aaron finished painting the trim on the carriage house peaks.
    • Aaron painted the second floor carriage house windows.
    • Painted carriage house door & window trim (first floor).
    • Continued painting carriage house doors.
    • Painted kitchen porch ceiling (coat 1).
    • Removed old hooks & boards in coat closet.
    • Patched screw holes in coat closet.
    • Removed a giant load of junk from the basement & attic.
    • Taped out cracks in the back stairwell first floor.
    • Spackled the back stairwell.
    • Mudded out the tape on the wall the radiator is on.
  • Re: Sullivan House: Renovation Log

    The rest of May thru today:

    • Refinished the front stairs (start to finish).
    • Second & third coats on the back stairs.
    • Cleared the great room.
    • Hauled the radiators to the sandblasting shop.
    • Added a "frame" to the floor around the fireplace.
    • Gutters installed on the carriage house (minus 3 downspouts).
    • Andy & Danny installed the custom-milled trim where missing in kitchen & bathroom.
    • Andy & Danny patched and mudded in the coat closet.