A quick status update on the Sullivan House

So how’s the Sullivan House coming along? Here’s a quick run down of what remaining tasks we currently know about. Before we can move in:

  • Bathroom needs tiling, painting, appliances and fixtures installed, and radiator adjusted and installed.
  • Kitchen needs tiling, painting, countertops, sink & cabinet & appliances installation, radiator installation (including re-running cut copper lines), a gas line for the stove, and ceiling & light installation.
  • Ground floor needs more electrical ground (office, dining room) and CAT-6 runs
  • Exterior requires repairs to the fascia and sophets, new rain gutters, and a ton of primer and paint.
  • Chimneys need repairs, liners, and a new damper.
  • Boiler / water heater needs to be installed.
  • Basement and carriage house need to be further emptied of junk while we have the dumpster.

Other than that, we have a litany of other tasks ahead that are not necessarily going to be finished before we move in:

  • Re-skim hall, foyer, and stair walls
  • Plaster repairs to main room
  • Paint… everything
  • Refinish wood floors… everywhere
  • Repair windows in attic and master bedroom
  • Carriage house roof replacement (including subroof) and siding repair
  • Asbestos removal from pipes in basement

That’s a lot of stuff, but it helps to look at the renovation log to see that the list of what we’ve done is even longer. People keep reassuring me it’s “coming along” and all I can do is sigh and offer up a weak smile. We’re in the thick of it now, and the real fun is still just getting started.

2 thoughts on “A quick status update on the Sullivan House

  1. Well, looks like you have come a longer way so far than you have to go yet.... So it IS coming along, and you are in the thick of what EVERY renovator faces. Having seen the house (am in old ICHQ now) recently, I can only say it is cool how much has been done so far. The list will winnow down some (gradually perhaps) after the core things are done, but you ICHQ folk are made of good stubborn-lets-get-it-done stock and so it seems to me that it will get done.

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