I cast my lot with Detroit

I have no experience in home buying, loan securing, home repairing, or home ownership. I do not have a millionaire’s resources, a rich family, or high-level connections. What I have is just enough money to buy a run-down property in Detroit. That, and a hundred awesome friends.

The last 24 hours feel like they’ve gone on for days. A knot formed in my stomach as I inched myself toward the inevitable conclusion: I must buy the one in Woodbridge. I will cast my small lot with Detroit, and figure out the rest as I go. I will ask my friends for help to build and wrangle this mess of a building into a home, into the new center of our community. I will spend my weekends and every dollar I earn for the next five years to transform it into the pictures I see so clearly in my head.

Over and over I paced thru the house, paused to ponder, scowled, and make yet another cup of tea. My friend Jason could barely enjoy his coffee because of the palpable stress I was emanating. Phone calls to family. Phone calls to the realtor. Emails. Scanned documents. More pacing. My mind was so tightly wound I had to stop to meditate.

And then I did it. The offer was sent, the adventure begun. Where will it lead? Who can say.

In Gmail, I look back at all the email conversations from the process of getting this far. I select them all, and click “Move to:” and then “Detroit”.

5 thoughts on “I cast my lot with Detroit

  1. You can bet that I'll be there with my painting tools to help! Congratulations, new neighbor! I look forward to creating more memories with you at this new location.
  2. 1) You're a great writer. I love reading your stuff.
    2) Holy shit. You're moving to Detroit.
    3) Wish I could be there for the transformation. Keep the blog updated regularly, or we'll be beefing.
  3. This is awesome. The house is phenomenal. I have (far more than I ever wanted) experience with finishing basements, wiring, and bunches of other stuff for when the renovations begin.
  4. Erica, thank you so much!

    Nathan, this is extremely relevant to my interests :D I will certainly take you up on that.

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