My first time alone in Detroit

Today’s visit to the one in Woodbridge was far more mundane than The Burgling, but all the more stressful because it was my first visit alone. I carried a larger sheath knife and a larger light this time, and opted to wear sneakers for running ability.

I went with the intention of replacing our haphazard barricades with sturdier fixtures, but the cold and near-dusk paranoia reduced me to another grounds inspection. I confirmed all our barricades were secure, and I added “tells” to the house to make it clear if anyone had passed thru the main hallway or either staircase. My uncle is coming to visit the house Friday, and I’d really like it if he didn’t get shot.

Some enterprising trespasser had placed a mattress in the yard on which to safely land after jumping the fence where the top latice work had been broken. I hadn’t grasped its purpose on previous visits, but in a “break in” mindset its use was clear. I moved the mattress against the garage and placed a piece of wood across the top of the fence, another tell in case anyone tries to scale it again. I also closed off the side entrance to the backyard so it will be clear if anyone clumsily enters there. A shovel fragment now rests against the only garage entrance.

As I inspected the backyard and garage exterior further, I heard the neighbors up on the second floor patio two houses over. They were discussing Apple’s first quarter earnings call. I smiled to myself as I checked the time on my iPhone. Re-gentrification, indeed.

My first lone adventure in the house really sapped my energy, and my hands were thoroughly numb by dusk. I retreated to the pub once more, this time for bourbon and hot soup to restore me. It is my sanctuary against the cold and stress.

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5 thoughts on “My first time alone in Detroit

  1. My advanced Google-foo has found the house! Is that house across the street still there? It looks really bad! Hedge looks cute and many of the homes in the area look well maintained. So, 320 miles from my door to yours. :-D

    Oh, and Detroit Area Boy Scouts Council office is only a few blocks away too. Have you tried Motor City Brewing Works? Seems highly rated?
  2. The house across the street is still there, yes. It actually has some interesting graffiti on the side facing Avery. I may look up who owns it.

    Have not been to the Brewing Works, no, wasn't even on my radar.
  3. Yknow, I know nothing of house repair, and I'm sure it will cost a boatload to get in good shape, but from what I can tell, that house hasn't been outright destroyed. Good luck!
  4. Brewing works has great food from what I have heard and solid (if not spectacular) brews. A pilgrimage there would not be unwelcome.
  5. Just found the like to your site from the piece on CurbedDetroit. After seeing the photos, I am so heartened and inspired that you guys have made the move to save it and bring it back. What amazing bones that place has! And I'm loving your posts here. I will follow along from SF, with great real estate envy. I grew up in SE MI, and I know you guys will have real challenges along the way, but man, what a great adventure to take on and share with the rest of us. You're making me want to move back already.

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