My morning commute

We’ve been working our tails off to get moved into the Sullivan House by the end of the month. It’s a breakneck pace, and it’s wearing us down pretty fast. I arrived at the house before 8am today to have the kitchen floor measured. Today was special because several key things came together.

First, we now have wifi. Internet means I can do my job (for Vanilla Forums) from the house. Second, we have a water filter installed and a microwave. That means… hot tea!

I sat out on the porch for the first half of my day, the morning summer sun rising. Joggers, deliverymen, neighbors walking dogs, flier hangers, and the postwoman all passed by. A neighbor moved in. I waved to a lot of people. And worked. It was a perfect peaceful morning and I got a ton done.

As I sipped on my tea to keep warm, it hit me: this is my new morning commute. After all this moving crap is done… I get to sit on the porch of our new castle to do what I love while the neighborhood hums quietly around me.

Glorious. Onward.

3 thoughts on “My morning commute

  1. Nice viewpoint... I am sad to not have gotten a chance to see ICHQv2 during EPIC but I am so excited to see it for next EPIC. Are you making friends with your neighbors? Are they ready for IC events? :-D
  2. I think you are about where you need to be if you can work from the house and supervise who goes in and out while enjoying it also. :)

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