Scouting downtown Detroit (again)

It’s getting harder and harder to find a nice plot in center city. Several nights of online searching turned up precious few homes in the central neighborhoods of Detroit. Today, Nicole and I spent a few hours touring the city and checking out potential homes. I’m really partial to Woodbridge, but there’s very little for sale there.

Most of the homes we checked out were in East Village or Boston Edison. While they were nice neighborhoods, they felt like islands. Positive vibes from the immediate area were deflated as we moved on and traversed the dead zones between them and the downtown. They felt disconnected.

I got really excited in Woodbridge, because the place we were looking at (which looks awesome) is right around the corner from a classy neighborhood pub. I long for a place to wander off to in the evening that’s within walking distance. I feel like metro Detroit was laid out to encourage DUIs.

All in all, using only online tools & driving we were able to narrow it down to a half dozen potential places to follow up on (in addition to the one in Woodbridge). If that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably invest in a real estate agent to assist in the search because I feel like we definitely don’t have a full picture of what’s available.

Our search waned as the holidays approached, but we’re full steam ahead again for our Detroit transition.

3 thoughts on “Scouting downtown Detroit (again)

  1. I cannot fathom a house search without a buyer's agent. The guy Leah and I used when buying our house did a killer job, and I don't think things would've turned out as good without his work.
  2. He doesn't do real estate any more, unfortunately. Your best bet is to try and find some people who've moved to Detroit recently and see if they can recommend anyone.

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