The cold returns

Tuesday was the first day of autumn in Detroit. Technically the Autumnal Equinox is Saturday, but Tuesday was the day the weather changed from shorts to pants. It was the day that hot tea mid-afternoon became a brilliant idea to ward off the chill. Down at the Sullivan House, the warmth coming from the now-functional back loop (half) of the radiator system felt wonderful on my cold hands.

With the cold came a powerful recollection of the numbness of last winter when we were focusing on bare necessities and worried for our safety. It’s amazing the difference that light, heat, and solid doors make on your perception of a place.

RC Marsack, the guys we hired to repair the chimney, wrapped up work today. I can’t wait til they send me the photos they took; the chimney was is considerably worse shape than I thought, and it’s 100% fixed and ready for the spending winter next to a warm fire. Andy’s even hooking the gas back up so we’ll have a gas fire available too. The kitchen only needs its floor, and the bathroom needs its floor sealed. Andy and I have been systematically eliminating every remaining task from the original inspection report. Our electrician returns this weekend to wrap up a few things too.

I feel good about attempting a Certificate of Occupancy inspection after this weekend. I’ve decided to skip the temporary permit idea and just fight for the full certificate. The only items we have left are the carriage house, siding, and gutters. It’s time, and I’m ready for a little legal brinksmanship with the inspector if it comes to that.

I’ve spent most of the week talking to contractors by day and working at night. Another day in the chilly air on the front porch has left my cheeks warm and my hands chilled as I sit down to drink enough caffeine to power thru the evening. This part of the journey is nearly over and I’m anxious to get started on the next.

One thought on “The cold returns

  1. Great piece... I "FELT" like I was sitting on the porch with you. I cannot wait until I can see this majestic place.

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