The Force is strong in the Sullian House

I met our contractor Andy at the house this morning and we talked strategies and solutions for a lot of issues throughout the house. Smoothing walls, minor electrical fixes, appliance and cabinet installation, and door placements were some of the many things that came up. I notice a water leak in the upstairs near the rear chimney, and a litany of smaller issues.

One thing I was particularly interested in was the best method of removing paint from all the beautiful wood trim and doors in the house. Andy suggested I pick up a heat gun for the task (I’d never heard of one), since it would be less mess and fuss than chemicals. I dutifully wrote it on my shopping list, and Andy headed home after a long day.

Moments later, I went up to use the bathroom. Turning to look in the room’s closet, I once again noticed a lot of junk and tools left by the previous owner. I stepped closer to find a glue gun, and some other gun-like tool I’d never identified. You know where this is going: it’s a damned heat gun. Voila.

The Sullivan House, it seems, still has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

4 thoughts on “The Force is strong in the Sullian House

  1. PS: The heat gun works like DARK MAGIC. I did a test spot today and the paint came off so cleanly I was actually taken aback.
  2. Ah, heat guns. I use those daily at work with shrink wrap. They can be used for many, MANY other things as well (as you just saw). You can also use one to loosen adhesive on the backs of labels and carefully peel them off of delicate products without having to scrape (and scratch) or use chemicals (like goo gone).

    Trivia: heat guns can be use to light cigarettes. SMOKE SMOKE!!
  3. I use a heat gun to scavenge electronic components from circuit boards. It will melt solder readily at the high setting and it's much less damaging than a propane torch.

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