Unwinding to refocus

I’ve been a massive ball of stress lately. We don’t know when eviction might come at the Warren house, and we don’t know how much notice we’ll get. The uncertainty creates massive anxiety for all of us, because there are a lot of steps to be taken before we can safely move in to the Sullivan House.

I didn’t really see how tightly I was wound though until I left town for the fourth annual Icrontic Rennfaire event in Maryland. Despite having no time to relax, the Rennfaire is, to me, non-optional. It’s the only time I get to visit my awesome friends Anne & Eli in Alexandria, VA each year, and I’ve never missed one. So, off I went. And when I came back, everything was different.

I feel like my perspective has reset. I’m no longer stressed about the uncontrollable timing, and instead focusing on next steps. What’s next? What can I do to move this task forward? That’s my normal state of mind, but somehow I completely lost it as August was coming to a close.

Our electrician did a ton of work the last three days to tie up most of the remaining electrical issues. There’s still plenty to do, but only a half dozen things that are truly important. The shower door arrived. We should be ready to fire up the heating system after this weekend. We’re almost at the point where we should start cleaning the construction dust out of the house so we can move our furniture. Things are looking good. I’ve overshot my budget by thousands of dollars, but my projected shortfall doesn’t exceed my credit card limit, so I’m calling it close enough for now.

I’m writing this from my new office, and the view from here is just fine.

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