You see a lot of entertaining things when you spend time walking around the city.

Today we took a four mile walk with our dog. We went from the house to the corner of Woodward and Warren, down Woodward to Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe, and then back to Woodbridge via MLK Jr.

Walking in Detroit

Along the way, we saw a lot of entertaining and interesting sights. The first thing I noticed it that there is some kind of new art project/tagging project going on. On random sidewalk blocks and spots on the ground throughout my entire path, I saw black squares spraypainted with yellow crosses. I have no idea what they symbolize or what the message is.

Black square with yellow cross Detroit

When we got to Woodward, there was a girl dancing on the sidewalk. I mean not just typical bopping because you have headphones on, I mean she was twerkin’ it on the street. Then she started yell/singing loudly “DIS MAH HOOOOOOD….. DIS MAH HOOOOOOOD”. She was so into it, everybody around her was smiling.

We made a pit stop at an art supply store for Nicole, and then kept walking down Woodward. We ran into the dancing girl again and she was dancing with a guy at a bus stop. Then she started singing loudly again and two guys walked by us, muttering. As he passed me by he said, vaguely towards me, “Damn… That bitch crazier than a box of chocolate Rolaids…”


As we continued down Woodward, we saw this:

Detroit street chicken


This one was strutting around like no big deal, apparently unaware that she was on a major American city road. My dog was utterly confused, and didn’t quite know what to do with this bird. The chicken didn’t even care and just kept on pecking.

Along the way we got asked about a dozen times what kind of dog Farnsworth was (we’re not entirely sure). Several older ladies gushed over him.

We saw a lot of people walking, jogging, sauntering, strutting, pacing, milling, standing, waiting, talking, laughing, shouting, driving, and more. While not as dense as other big cities, the amount of people and things you see on the street is definitely more than you’ll ever get in the suburbs, and clearly much more colorful to boot.

Every time I go out and see more of the city I’ve lived in and around all my life, I learn (and love it) more.

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