A week in Detroit

I’ve been living in Detroit for a week now. In that time I have:

  • Eaten in Mexicantown twice
  • Shopped at Eastern Market
  • Walked my dog around the neighborhood every day
  • Walked to Midtown
  • Gone to the “Dlectricity” special event in Midtown
  • Rescued a neighbor’s dog
  • Met 3 new neighbors
  • Been awoken by a midnight street party next door
  • Watched as the only favorably-viewed city official, Police Chief Godbee, resigns amid scandal

On the home front, we’re trying to get ready for our Oktoberfest event at the end of the month. Our sewer backed up again, making an awful mess in the basement. We have a pretty terrible track record on sewer lines at this point. Multiple packages arrive daily as we order all the bits and pieces to finish the interior. A shopping trip Sunday yielded curtain rods, bath mats, and more. An Ikea trip yesterday laid the plans for furniture in the great room. I ordered rain gutters from a contractor, and we signed up for a neighborhood curbside recycling service.

Tonight, I attempted to install cabinet hardware in the kitchen. After 20 minutes, a twice-stripped screw (a philips hole inside a flat head hole and I managed to get both!), five drill bits, and two screw drivers, I had one handle successfully installed. My attempts to be “handy” are still shaky indeed. However, I did learn a lot and expect it will be far easier to do the rest. After all, I’ve already messed up in every way possible short of lighting the cabinet doors on fire.

It’s been quite a first week in Detroit and the adventures (good, bad, and interesting) are stacking up fast.

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