Farewell, old friend.

Our final trip to the Warren house was this past weekend, knowing full well it would be our final opportunity to get inside. It turns out my decision to force the issue of what day to move was especially keen. Three days after we returned the truck, an eviction notice appeared on the door of the Warren house. The court date was set for one week later – today.

Whether we needed to be quite so concerned about the speediness of eviction is a bit of a mixed bag. It turns out, between the 7-day court appearance notice, the 3-day grace period to retain a lawyer, and the minimum 10-day eviction period, we had at least 20 days from notice to exit. However, you can also contest eviction and attempt to convince a judge to give you up to six months. Of course, we chose not to do that.

Brian offered to give the lawyer the key, but they said they had no way to get it to the new owner anyway. They’d just drill the locks after the minimum time had elapsed. It’s just as well anyway. More people had the key to the Warren house than probably any other residential building in the state.

From a few miles away to Kalamazoo, New York, Missouri, California, Washington DC, and many other places, the holders of the keys to the original Icrontic HQ are a motley crew scattered across the country. Their key is now a piece of Icrontic lore. They were there. They remember.

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