Community sponsors of the Sullivan House

We asked for people to sponsor the Sullivan House, and you responded in a big way. Every room we put up for adoption was snapped up, and you found even more spaces in the house to sponsor that we hadn’t thought to include.

Here’s the breakdown of how the rooms sold.

  • Main room: Sold to a group of west coast Icrontians who donated $600, it will be named The Pacific Room.
  • Office: Sold to Jokke who donated $1200 for the privilege of dubbing it “Little Norway”.
  • Kitchen: Sold to Anne & Eli who donated $1000 for the naming rights, which will be something along the lines of “The Time is 12:42” (the hour at which the current ICHQ stove clock has been stuck for several years now).
  • Dining Room: Shall be known as the “Mitey Worriers Mead Hall” after the clan who contributed $400 for the rights.
  • Foyer (tower, ground floor): Sold to Mr. Benson for a $400 donation. The name is unannounced, but I hear “Goomba Tower” is a contender.
  • Half Bath: Sold to John D. for a $220 donation, it shall henceforth be known as “The Powder Room”.
  • Full Bath: Sold to Q for a $300 donation. The name is unannounced yet.
  • Master Bedroom: Sold to my parents for their seriously ludicrous donation that is not included in the total below. Name is unannounced.
  • Other Bedrooms: Jimmy swooped in and grabbed up all three other bedrooms for a $600 donation, names unannounced.
  • Upstairs Hall: Sold as “The Walk of Shame” for $200 from the Mertesns.
  • Veranda: The wonderful front porch will be named for my uncle and aunt, who donated $1000 to the cause.

Between the naming rights, general donations to the house fund, and in-kind gifts (most notably Eric Ryder, my parents, and Jeff Peters) I estimate $11,000 in cash, materials, and services have been contributed to the restoration of the Sullivan House. I’m blown away.

Even after all that generous giving, I’ve been getting more inquiries from people looking for additional spaces to sponsor. Given that I’m likewise gettings estimates for services that greatly exceed our remaining budget (hello chimney repairs!), we’ve assembled an additional list of spaces available for sponsorship.

Thirteen spaces sold in round one. Here are the eight final spaces available for round two:

Fallout Shelter (general basement): Most of the basement is general open space, and a bonafide Cold War era fallout shelter sign adorns the top of the stairs, which is where the chosen name for this space will be commemorated. [$600 SOLD]

Studio (basement room): Currently called “the white room”, this space is the first thing you see when you enter the basement. It will be used as an art studio space. So much room for activities! [$300 SOLD]

Cellar (basement room): Our beer fanatic extraordinaire Mr. Meray has big plans for a communal beer cellar in a dedicated room at ICHQ. This perfectly-sized room will be a favorite for cellar-program participants and those touring the house. [$500 SOLD]

Walk-In Linen Closet (upstairs): A closet?? Who sponsors a closet?? Someone who wants their sponsorship announced in prime real-estate, that’s who! The sponsorship will be visible from outside the closet, of course, and this space sits at the top of the rear stairs, is directly next to the full bathroom, and must be passed to reach the attic. Inside is a wooden laundry chute, a window, and lots of built-in storage. [$150 SOLD]

Dining Porch (rear, off dining room): This wonderful perch overlooks the backyard from the back of the dining room. In fact, it’s more like a bricked-in ground floor balcony than a porch. A tree growing beside it offers shade, and it’ll be a wonderful place to sip on a cold brew in the summer. Expect this to be prime small group talking space during events. [$300 SOLD]

Attic: It simply cannot be captured in photos. This is the highlight of every tour, because every single person says “Wow!” when they ascend the steps into this space. It’s just huge, it has a hardwood floor, and it’s going to be an amazing event space once it’s finished. [$1200 SOLD]

Attic Turret: The highest point in the turret, it gives you a view of much of the Woodbridge neighborhood. Every time someone enters it, I say the same thing: Look up. The wood craftsmanship under the witch’s hat roof is stunning. [$600 SOLD]

Carriage House: Built by the same carpenter as the house in 1899, this original carriage house is big on charm and short on shingles. It’s a two-story detached building across the backyard from the house that will be used as a workshop for all the woodwork, painting, and staining that needs to be done to repair the rest of the house. Eventually, it will make a great two-car garage plus work space and fridges on the ground floor, and possibly a bedroom or lounge upstairs. The main sponsorship will be to be noted at the main entrance facing the house & yard [$1500].

Kitchen Porch (rear, off kitchen): This will be a high-traffic area connecting the backyard and carriage house to the main house. Newly rebuilt, with classy porch light. [$250]

Front Porch Steps (front & side): Announce your sponsorship by claiming a prominent porch step that every visitor to ICHQ will see as they climb to the main level. [$100 each]

Remember, you can also purchase a place on the contributors’ wall in the house for only $25. It makes a big difference!

How to purchase: Reserve a space by emailing Lincoln at First come, first-serve. PayPal goes to that same email, or send a check to M Lincoln Russell at 24940 Beierman Ave, Warren MI 48091. Please use a check if possible for totals over $600 (we don’t particularly trust PayPal to not screw us).

Legal: These are private gifts to Lincoln (the IRS basically makes it impossible to explain donations to a business). Obviously you should contribute only if you’re comfortable with that.

Miscellany: A group could buy the naming rights if they agree on the name. You can reserve a room and split up payment over several months. Please clear the name with Lincoln and make it tasteful.

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  1. Workshop and Dining Porch are sold. Dropped price on the Carriage House. Added the Kitchen Porch and the Front Porch Steps as additional sponsorships. That's all that's left!

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