The Detroit Egg debut tasting party

Detroit Eggs, after baking and before coating and frying

Detroit Eggs, after baking and before coating and frying

A couple of weeks ago I got a strange invite on Facebook to an event called “Detroit Egg tasting party at my house”. That’s a weird one, right?

The invite was from Norm “DJ Meph” Witte III, one of our very own contributors. The Detroit Egg was his baby, and he was ready to unleash it upon the city.

Here’s how the story goes:

While Norm was traveling in Manchester, United Kingdom, he spent four days searching for the fabled Manchester Egg; he eventually found a pub that served it and struck up a conversation with a local. As it turns out, many cultures have their own signature “egg”. Of course, the Scotch Egg is one of the most popular, but there’s also a London Egg, the infamous Balut, and let’s not forget the 100-year egg.

There was no Detroit Egg, though. DJ Meph set out to change that and when he got back to Detroit, he started experimenting.

He settled on a recipe that contains entirely Michigan-based ingredients—hard boiled local eggs, pickling brine from McClure’s Pickles, Michigan classic Jiffy cornbread mix, Meijer brand pork sausage, and Michigan-made maple syrup.DJ Meph and his Jiffy Cornbread mix

The tasting party was a small group of Norm’s close friends. Emily Doerr from Hostel Detroit, Nicole Lapointe from Pinwheel Bakery, local photographer Tina Logan, Portage Digital Media’s Jeremiah Staes, Detroit-based fashion designer Adriana Pavon and her father, two of Norm’s close friends from childhood, and me.
The Detroit Egg tasting party
The egg was served piping hot, and when cut open, revealed the layers of magic involved in such a seemingly simple dish:
Detroit Egg by DJ Meph

The flavors are solid, and the interesting mix of textures and tastes is destined to be a Detroit classic. The tang of McClure’s pickle, the sweet and salty sausage/maple combo, the crunchy fried cornbread coating all mix up really well in your mouth. This is going to be a phenomenal bar snack or appetizer.

The Detroit Egg by DJ Meph

The Detroit Egg, best served with Michigan beer

Norm asked for suggestions on how to improve it. I told him the egg could stand to be pickled longer so that the yolk takes in some of the pickle flavor. Nicole gave him some suggestions on improving the coating and frying process. Emily had some suggestions on where (and to whom) to pitch the Detroit Egg idea.

DJ Meph vamps with his Detroit Egg

Look at that sexy man and his Egg

Norm is doing something off-the-wall with this. He’s releasing it under the Creative Commons license, meaning any restaurant can put it on their menu as long as they give some tiny attribution: “The Detroit Egg was invented by DJ Meph” or “DJ Meph’s Detroit Egg”, etc.

Hopefully we’ll see this truly Detroit creation on local menus soon. Perhaps one day it will be as synonymous with Detroit as Faygo.

No matter what, I can say I was there first. Thanks for the awesome opportunity, Norm!


10 thoughts on “The Detroit Egg debut tasting party

  1. OMG how fun! Looks like a great time. I know Ye Olde Saloon in RO serves a Scotch egg but I don't have the guts to eat it!! Hope you all had fun!
  2. I've got to fire up Pinterest and pin this egg. I love the creativity and appreciate the extreme-local focus on Michigan-made products. Way to go, Norm! I hope to try it sometime soon in a local Detroit pub, even though I'm not a fan of eggs. I will try it since it's an egg wrapped in lots of other stuff I like.
  3. That's interesting sounding enough that I'd just have to try it. Just a heads up on releasing the recipe under the CCL, though...I don't think it matters:
    I mean, it's a great idea, but I don't think there's any way to legally hold them to giving him credit. It'd mostly be them doing it because they're cool.
    Thanks for your concern. I was able to discuss this with a patent and copyright lawyer. Basically, it's not the recipe that is licensed, it's the name. What the license states is that if a restaurant wants to use the name "Detroit Egg" it cannot be modified from the original recipe, and they have to give me attribution. If someone wanted to be a jerk, they could serve it under a different name, but even if they did, it's still going to help in my quest to spread this idea around the region.
  4. Coolness :)

    I'm gonna have to make sure I try one of these if I make it up to Detroit.
  5. Meijer sausage? How about Dearborn, Kowalski, Koegel, Markowycz's or any homemade Polish in Hamtramck, any of the homemade chorizo from a Springwells mercado.
  6. Those are all good, I actually will probably be getting my sausage from Eastern Market from now on.
  7. @spoonyfork Surprisingly, I'll defend the use of Meijer sausage. It's outstanding, and it doesn't contain MSG. Nearly every other sausage I look at in stores has it.
  8. @Lincoln Dearborn does not use MSG. However, they also don't sell loose sausage, so it seems like a waste of time to have to take it out of the casing.

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