Roller coaster

I got sucker punched, so I snapped right back. I got together a mess o’ gear, donned goggles & mask, and tore into that mold-infested space with a crowbar and a huge bucket of bleach water.

Terror building as I prepare to enter the void.

I took out two big bags of shattered drywall and found… nothing. Well sure, there was some white and yellow mold, and there was indeed a strip of black mold by the opening. But that strip quickly fell to my spray bottle, and its expected siblings were nowhere to be found. The darkness and stench had fooled us.

Actually... it kinda looks OK. Huh.

Suddenly, I had a manageable project again.

The kitchen is coming together and it looks FANTASTIC. I expect the final lights, outlets, and switches to go in tomorrow. The second coat of paint is on the great room ceiling, so it’s time for the fans to go in there too. Aaron is at the house beginning the construction of the kids’ loft beds. It’s time to buy paints for the office and plow ahead. The hallway is ready for our oil-based primer experiment to see if we can get it to bond with the plaster this time.

Our heating technicians came today and ripped out the old boiler system. They had to spray water to remove some of the asbestos, so between that at the bleach water and warmth down there it feels like a pool locker room. The dehumidifier is working overtime. The new high-efficiency boiler and water heater is on its way.

Bam. It’s full steam ahead at the Sullivan House once again.

6 thoughts on “Roller coaster

  1. Very glad to see words about the progress add up to a huge lot of progress. I hope you folks get into the house in a timely fashion. :)
  2. And I swear by all that is holy and unholy, if the oil based primer does not stick, I will 1) invent a working time machine 2) go back in time to 1899 3) punch the construction workers till they use something that PAINT STICKS TO.
  3. Wow! I am impressed by how quickly you are whipping this place into shape. Seems the sort of project formulated in an evil lab to break mind and body. >:-| Good luck!

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