Zero hour

It’s getting down to the wire. Renovations are ramping up to a fever pitch. As of this moment, we have calls out to Comcast, a plumber, a scaffolding contractor, a masonry repair contractor, and a roofer. The new boiler system is halfway installed, and the majority of the interior has been primed with at least one coat of primer.



The problems we had with primer peeling off in massive sheets are gone, as oil-based primer has solved the issue. The last “frighteningly high-up” surfaces have been covered with primer, and the kitchen is nearing completion (paint is done, sink is installed, light fixtures are up, and fan is installed).

The Kitchen!

This weekend we had a few friends come out and help with the painting and priming. The “Pacific Room” is getting its colors, and we’ll start on the hall and foyer next as more paint has been ordered. The kids came and primed their rooms and sanded their ceilings, and the construction of their loft beds has begun.

Loft Bed Construction

Loft bed parts labeled "P" and "K" for Perry and Kyle

The idea is to be moved in within two weeks. It’s going to be awkward, uncomfortable, and we’ll be living in a house that’s being renovated, but that’s the goal. Realistic or not, we’re trucking ahead.

Detroit, here we come.

4 thoughts on “Zero hour

  1. She's looking so good. I'm so grateful you're saving the old girl! She's quite a lady! Keep us all up to date! Wish we could be at your housewarming!
  2. Wow, the kitchen looks amazing! It might be a couple weeks before I can make it up, but hopefully I can help out soon.
  3. We're really at the point where I feel like I'm calling and scheduling more things than I can keep in my head at once. It's a crazy, crazy month. Two weeks is extremely ambitious. I think 4 is more likely, but we're trying.
  4. 2-4 weeks is great, Lincoln. 2 would be perhaps better, you know about that much better than I possibly can, but if it slips and it works that way then it does. Will keep what I can send coming even after you folks move in.

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