Sponsoring The Sullivan House

I really can’t believe the amount of help we’ve already had since we bought the one in Woodbridge. A dozen friends have already shown up on short notice (and on Superbowl weekend no less) to help us clear out the house. Several more have given ridiculous amounts of money to help buy materials. Thank you so much.

We’ve set up goals to sponsor each room in the house if you wanted to help out and weren’t sure how. We want to make sure everyone who gives like that is recognized. We set a goal of $10,000 total for all the rooms combined. We basically made that number up and are painfully aware that it may be crazy talk.

Our long-term goal is to restore the house to its former grandeur: restored sash-weight windows, original oak doors and trim, the whole nine yards. That’s going to take a lot of time, and a helluva lot more money than we have yet. It’ll be a labor of love to restore a truly historic property. Right now, we just need to get the house habitable again and by our estimates this is about a third of what that’ll take. We have six months left until we have to move in, ready or not.

Not everyone is going to be able or want to contribute, we know this. We’re going to love having everyone over when this is done all the same. This is for those of you who share the Icrontic HQ dream with us, consequences be damned.

The last five years have been a helluva party. The best events and the best times with the best people. But, man, the next five years? They’ll make the first five feel like a practice round. We hope you’ll join us either way.

How to sponsor a room in the Sullivan House.

23 thoughts on “Sponsoring The Sullivan House

  1. After only 4 hours, naming rights have already been claimed for three rooms and we're 15% of the way to our goal. :) You guys rock.
  2. So far naming rights are claimed for the main room, dining room, kitchen, and half bath.
  3. @Jared Yes, but I was going to wait until more people had chance to follow thru with pledges. I don't want to jump the gun in case anyone has to withdraw. They are, of course, welcome to announce themselves any time.
  4. The only spaces left for naming rights are the bedrooms. Still plenty of room on the contributors' plaque that'll be going in the main hall though. Only $25 for that. Every bit helps. :)

    We're 1/3 of the way to the goal now.
  5. We raised over $5,000 in pledges via sponsorships. You all rock.

    Looks like we've sold all the naming rights we're going to (the bedrooms proved unpopular, surprise). The upstairs hallway and the porch have both been claimed in addition to the rooms originally posted for sale.

    Special thanks to Jokke and Eli & Anne for buying rooms outright (the entire funding goal). Rather than claiming naming rights, Snarkasm also donated a huge amount towards a new boiler.

    Naming rights were claimed for the foyer/entranceway by CannonFodder, the Dining Room by the Mitey Worriers, and the Main Room by west coast Icrontic members. John D took the rights for the half bath, and Q claimed the full bath.

    It was mertesn & Amanda that claimed the upstairs hallway, and my uncle & aunt took the porch.

    We'll put the cellar, fallout shelter (basement), and epic attic up for naming rights once we're further along.

    Thanks again!
  6. And just like that, a Jimmy swooped in and bought the naming rights for all 3 bedrooms.

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