What's next?

As things start to roll towards a new "normal", what is next on the agenda?


  • yep... what he said
  • Nothing, really. We're waiting on the gutter guy to get out here and put gutters on the house. There are no major projects until spring; I think we're all just kind of tired of working and want to hunker down for the winter.
  • There's a ton of small projects waiting inside: basement cleanup, crown molding painting, winterizing a bunch of windows, kitchen cabinet handles, finish painting the upstairs hallway, spackle & paint the pub, bathroom towel bars, touchups in the kitchen, and electrical work is (slowly) ongoing. Andy's coming to fix the backdoor and do a few other miscellaneous tasks this month. His assistant Phil is going to be finishing the painting in the main staircase.

    Since Oktoberfest, I've purposefully stopped working on the house to refocus on work and put back in some of the time they were cool with me taking off to keep the house project moving. Planning to restart in a week or so from now.

    Also, I'm kinda broke (and then some). I'm at maximum debt capacity now, so I need a few months of smaller work that doesn't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars while I pay down my credit cards.
  • Installing curtains, removing the terrible treads on the back stairs, seeing how much of the trim in the attic we can salvage, stripping paint from trim, putting a proper faucet on the tub, sanding & staining the bathroom closet door, fixing the door knobs and latches on the second floor...

    "Nothing, really" my ass. :p
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