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Let's talk about Hantz Woodlands Detroit

Recently the Detroit city council surprised many by approving a controversial and unprecedented mass land sale in the city to a single entity: John Hantz of Hantz Woodlands.

The issue has been extremely divisive: proponents are excited about the "one-shot" big cleanup of a large area (200 acres) of blighted and abandoned dangerous land on the East side, and the new tax revenue that will be added. The land, dangerous vacant houses, and cleanup is not something the city currently has the resources to deal with.

Opponents liken the sale to a cheap land grab by a potential speculator at best, and at worst call the move akin to "slavery".

The sale was approved two days ago. Approximately 140 acres of Detroit real estate goes to Hantz Woodlands; Hantz agrees to maintain the land, raze derelict structures, and plant 15000 trees.

As with most political issues in Detroit, tensions are high and the issue is polarizing. Why? Share your thoughts.


  • I'm really having a hard time understanding the opposition to this. It seems like a real stretch to say that Hantz is going through all of this trouble to build condos. I'm also starting to have a real problem with the members of City Council that seem to want to oppose anything that would help the city save money, or bring in new tax revenues.
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