How to get the most out of IntoDetroit

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Hi! IntoDetroit is a discussion community focused on moving to and living in the city of Detroit. Detroit is unique in many ways, and since our story brought several people from different places in the country all into one big house in the city, we figured we'd share our experiences and struggles and joys so that others have someone to talk to or a place to ask questions.

There are two main parts to the site: The articles, and the discussions. Articles are written by contributors, but discussions can be created by anyone. If you comment on articles, they also show up in discussions (a new discussion is created anytime an article is published).

When you register (you can register with your Facebook and Twitter credentials, or just create a new account based on your email address), you get a user profile, which has your information, a picture if you upload one, and other things like the discussions you've participated in, the reactions you've received, and your participation badges.

Reactions are things like "Like" and "LOL" that people can click on your posts. If you post funny things, people may give you a "LOL" reaction. If you post insightful and helpful comments, people may "like" your posts. If you achieve certain numbers of reactions, badges are awarded.

Badges are also good ways to explore what the community has to offer. For example, uploading a picture to your profile (giving yourself an "avatar") earns you a badge, because it helps make our community feel more personal.

The first thing you can (and should!) do is introduce yourself here. After that, explore the categories on the left to see other discussions.

Welcome to IntoDetroit! We hope you find something worth participating in here, and it's our goal to make this online community a great place to hang out at.

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