• Vaguepost is vague. Asplain plx.
  • Luck be an accounting error tonight! Glad to see financially you're getting unstuck. I have other friends that invested in a Detroit home only to see life saving disappear into a money pit. This was a fear I had for you guys when I first heard of what you wanted to venture into. However, financial strain aside you're making a beautiful home and enjoying where you live. Never forget the reasons you moved. Money troubles can be managed, but happiness is a bit more tricky. Can it be a burden? yes. Can it seem overwhelming? yes. Can it make you lose hair and go grey? yep. But, nothing worth having every comes easy. Keep going and your friends and family will be by your side year after year. We might not be able to help all the time, but we all want to see you succeed.
  • Sorry about the bad news that ends up being good news!
  • Good to hear your finances are in order!
  • Vaguepost is vague. Asplain plx.
    There were two accounts. Mistake 1 was "oops, this second account you thought you had is actually a subset of the other one." Mistake 2 was "uh, nope, account 1 was closed but the other is apparently still there." The mitigating factors of what generated the confusion require more backstory than I want to go into; suffice to say it was understandable.
  • Happy to hear you found some of your money, grown up by investment.
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