• Awesomesauce.
  • Holy crap, you're kidding. This is quite possibly the coolest part of this house yet. I am immensely excited about this.
  • I am over-the-moon about this. This is going to be the thing that changes the tour from "wow, amazing house" to "I'm sorry, I've dislocated my jaw."
  • This actually gave me goosebumps. Maybe that's weird. Anyway, that's so awesome!
  • SWEET!!!
  • Beautiful, in multiple ways.
  • Congrats. It's not often one gets to rescue relevance from the dustbin of history. Makes one wonder what else could be out there... sitting under our noses and separated only by a simple conversation and a little perseverance. Good for you. Look forward to seeing a photo of the restoration to its proper place!
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