I cast my lot with Detroit


  • You can bet that I'll be there with my painting tools to help! Congratulations, new neighbor! I look forward to creating more memories with you at this new location.
  • 1) You're a great writer. I love reading your stuff.
    2) Holy shit. You're moving to Detroit.
    3) Wish I could be there for the transformation. Keep the blog updated regularly, or we'll be beefing.
  • This is awesome. The house is phenomenal. I have (far more than I ever wanted) experience with finishing basements, wiring, and bunches of other stuff for when the renovations begin.
  • edited January 2012
    Erica, thank you so much!

    Nathan, this is extremely relevant to my interests :D I will certainly take you up on that.
  • I'm not good with woodworking, but I can paint the next time I drop by.
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