A new hope

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  • You guys have plenty of furniture. DO IT!
  • I'm with @djmeph. Do it!
  • Have paint chisels, will travel.
  • I thought asbestos was harmless until you started messing with it..
  • It is, but it's still best to get rid of it. We found out that professional removal might not be nearly as expensive as we had originally thought, so that's encouraging...
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    @Jokke Some of it is flaking, which is the real danger because that creates dust which can be inhaled. In some cases you can encase it in place to prevent that from happening more. I'd rather get the whole mess of it out immediately.
  • As a followup, I found out later that the asbestos removal will likely cost a third of what I thought it would. I've called a highly rated abatement company to come out and give us a quote.
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