Life at The Leland


  • Great stuff, really like the pictures. Tell Lincoln to install a "Lightbox" plugin so we can have the images pop up on the page :)
  • Plugins may be limited due to the fact that this is a Vanilla site with Wordpress integration, but I'll bring it up next time I see him. Thanks for the kind words!
  • Looks like an absolutely beautiful building. A tiny apartment in a good location can definitely be worth the affordable rent, which I can relate to! Love hearing about the characters, definitely makes coming home fun. Would love a tour of the building sometime.
  • When I was a very little girl in the early 80s, I lived in the Leland with my mother in a 10th floor corner suite. The day we moved in, the lobby was taped off as a crime scene (I think someone had been stabbed.) I had a babysitter who, I think, ran numbers. It was one of most magical places I can recall, and probably still the only time I had a bathroom all to myself. Cheers.
  • Elisa, The Leland most definitely is a magical place. It's so funny you said that because I say that all the time. I even thought about saying that in this article, but I didn't think anyone would understand. I'm so glad that you do. If life ever brings you back here, I think you'll find that it's still a magical place. Cheers!
  • Love the article Norm. I am so happy to see other people move here and fall in love with the city as I have. There really isn't anything like it. I was telling someone the other day that if you meet someone and they tell you they live downtown Detroit you are pretty much automatically friends. I think it is because people who live here are unique and share a common bond.
  • Rent? Wow! Do you sing?
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