The DJ goes first: Moving to Detroit!


  • I applaud your resilience, DJMeph, and I'm looking forward to enjoying a beverage with you at your new place soon. In addition, I'd suggest breakfast at Luci and Ethel's.
  • Congrats man, I know you have been wanting to move for a while and its awesome to hear that its happening.
  • Yes, I can't believe I forgot to mention Luci & Ethel's. I can't believe I have all these great things available to me without ever having to walk outside.
  • Thanks, Sam. I hope we will hang out more after I move.
  • Bravo to you sir! Maybe we have to chat about getting me down there soon. I'd love to hang and live downtown.
  • Awesome, dude. Sounds like an epic location. Looking forward to checking it out and sharing some cold ones with ya!
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