Comfortably numb


  • You will pull it off. You obviously have a great support system. You got this! Have you rented the "Money Pit" yet? ;)
  • It is happening! It will be done! God Willing we will all be at your side when you need us.
  • You have courage, a mother's love, Icrontic community, Brian's will make it. And it will be Epic!
  • Lend me your beard!
  • Awesome news... gt going on the priorities and get tons of quotes on the tough stuff. I would even go so far as to get a quote for anything that you plan on doing. A good contractor will enlighten you on the overall process to resolve the item and a idea of labor and materials. Use that info to help figure out what it will cost for you to do and the skills you might need to pick up.
  • @qch2002 We have an awesome contractor. I was just down there today with him. The only scary part is the exterior.
  • Crazy old lady across the street is with ya, guys!!! We're rooting for your success. We know you have the "right stuff!!!"
  • awww, aren't Moms the best?
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