More Detroit Demolition: MDOT to Expand I-94 in Detroit

edited February 2012 in The City of Detroit
"The Michigan Department of Transportation will be breaking ground this year on a $1.3 billion project to significantly widen I-94 between I-96 and Conner Avenue in Detroit.

An expanding I-94, including new service drives and on- and off-ramps, approaches Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood."
This expansion project will demolish several buildings, homes, and even pedestrian bridges (without replacement), including the Canfield bridge over M-10 (this will affect the new owners of the Sullivan Home in Woodbridge), 5287 Hecla (home on the register of historic places), 6000 Russell (Square D/Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing Company, also on the register of historic places), and 5840 Second (United Sound Systems Recording Studio, another historic place), among others.

This information came from this article, which also includes MDOT's promo video of the expansion. They also provide additional contact information and what you can do to voice your opinion on the matter.


  • Don't get me wrong, I-94 is a clusterfuck in that area. The design is horrible. I really like the idea of fixing the overpasses and adding better sidewalks & lighting. But widening the road to that degree seems like the exact opposite of something that's in Detroit's interest in that area.
  • MDOT's promo video:

  • It all looks good to the eye... I know that Chicago needs to rebuild their portion to exclude left hand ramps and such. Why will widening be a bad thing?
  • I-94 is the northern boundary of Woodbridge (our neighborhood) and runs straight thru Midtown, the most thriving neighborhood in Detroit. We have FOUR highways running thru downtown Detroit, and they completely cleave it apart into chunks. Widening it just further gouges into those neighborhoods and makes the chasms between them that much wider. It's like a strip of desert in the middle of a forest. You *will* notice if it widens at all.
  • Also, that depiction of a happy family awaiting mass transit along the highway is so far off in fantasy land it's offensive. First, Detroit's been slaughtering mass transit and just nuked its light rail plans. Second, no Detroit bus stop looks that nice, and there ain't a single happy person waiting at one.
  • An incredible waste of resources. Obviously crafted by the powerful roadbuilding lobby. The freeways facilitated the destruction of Detroit. Compare arial photos of the city pre and post freeway, it is painfully clear.
  • I would love nothing more than to demolish I-75 in Detroit.
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