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The blessing of the Icrontic community


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  • There is I promise you, hand on heart, not an ounce, not a gram, not one microscopic iota of self-pity when i tell you all that i have absolutely no friends IRL.

    i don't have a one.

    not a single person I could ring at a second's notice who would, at the drop of a hat, ask me "what needs to get done? Tell me what to do....".
    It's just the way things are.

    But one thing i do wish I could do, would be to lend my insignificant and not-too-skilled hand and pitch in with you all....what wouldn't i do to be able to help out and do my bit.
    i salute you all, and if anyone ever needed proof of how wonderful the closeness of a community can be, and what magical transformation such camaraderie can produce. you're a wonderful bunch of people, and following this kind of progress, just warms my heart.
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    Don't feel bad @alexandra, I DO have friends IRL and none of them would drop everything to help me like this.

    Also, things are starting to look good with that house. I'm amazed Bobby didn't break his neck though o_O
  • me too... i'm stunned he managed to even find a way of getting up & safety in the UK would have had a field day.....he could at least worn a luminous jacket... or something.....just to 'look the part'....! :lol:
  • Incidentally, what's happening in the tower room...?
    that looks so impressive.....
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