Cleaning up Woodbridge with the AmeriCorps


  • The photos don't show it, but there were probably 50 people there helping. It was actually a little challenging to find something to work on that wasn't already being done. A lot were students from Wayne State, but plenty of neighbors participated too.
  • Thank you for the great article. It was truly a successful event! AMUS is working hard to support strong, safe and empowered communities not only in Woodbridge but other Detroit Neighborhoods as well (New Center, Virginia Park, ect.)

    Check out another community project starting in Woodbridge, a Time Bank. Time banking allows neighbors to share skills and services with their community for free, counting hours rather than dollars because we all have something to of value to offer our communities!!!!!
  • I own the house across the street and can shed some light on the liquor bottles. Some of the people from the block and surrounding blocks like to chill out on the porch of the burned out house that was already boarded up. They like to indulge in a drink or two or more. Often they will be joined by people who grew up or lived on the block at one point or another but have moved away. I spoke to one guy who lived in West Bloomfield now but came back every now and again to hang out with friends. He had the words "The Wealth" tattooed on his arm. These guys often try to clean up after themselves, but I am sure anyone who has consumed the better part of a bottle of liquor knows this isn't always the easiest task. I often take the bottles that have been left there and leave them in a pile next to one of the trees so I can take them to recycling later. So were these bottles stolen and consumed by homeless vagabonds? I doubt it. Were they left by litter bugs who could have better disposed of them? Probably. But if you're hanging out with your friends in the shadow of a burned out house that the owner hasn't even bothered to board up you're probably not worried about tossing a few empty liquor bottles out of sight where most people won't see them.
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  • I've recently discovered this website and recognized your username from the Detroit subreddit. I just wanted to say thank you for doing this clean up, along with the other volunteers and AmeriCorps. I live across the street and know the hazards of abandoned homes - in general - and it makes a difference when it is boarded up and cleaned. The one on the end was recently torn down but the other still stands. I appreciate all of you.
  • Thanks for the kind words :) Yep, I'm the same primesuspect as on /r/Detroit. Hello fellow Redditor :)
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