Zero hour


  • She's looking so good. I'm so grateful you're saving the old girl! She's quite a lady! Keep us all up to date! Wish we could be at your housewarming!
  • Wow, the kitchen looks amazing! It might be a couple weeks before I can make it up, but hopefully I can help out soon.
  • We're really at the point where I feel like I'm calling and scheduling more things than I can keep in my head at once. It's a crazy, crazy month. Two weeks is extremely ambitious. I think 4 is more likely, but we're trying.
  • 2-4 weeks is great, Lincoln. 2 would be perhaps better, you know about that much better than I possibly can, but if it slips and it works that way then it does. Will keep what I can send coming even after you folks move in.
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