Redoing the bathroom


  • You have the toilet against the wrong wall. ;) Don't confuse Andy.
  • Can't wait to see the new plumbing :)
  • Is this my bathroom? It will be the first room to be totally done. AWESOME! A good bathroom is a necessity for a house to become a home. Right? :D
  • @qch2002 The very same. ;)
  • Isn't there a linen closet behind the new toilet location?
  • I drew it wrong; the toilet is in that same corner, but along the back wall
  • Isn't there a linen closet behind the new toilet location?
    Yup, and it'll have proper clearance to be kept. Looks like the whole doorframe for it was removed but we're rebuilding it. Found the door in the attic!

  • You've caught on quickly to the fact that any home renovation/repair/improvement will uncover more that needs to be done, or some kind of complication. Kudos for leveraging the bathtib drain problem into an improved bathroom layout!
  • Do you have any architects working with you on this project? I'd be willing to lend advice and if you need anything drawn, I'd be willing to work with you.
  • Hi Sam! Thanks for the offer. One of my best friends is an architect, but definitely hang around and keep track of the discussion forum; any and all extra advice is welcome!
  • Brian, you labeled that diagram incorrectly. Where it reads "Toilet" it should actually say "Champion 4."
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