Roller coaster


  • Very glad to see words about the progress add up to a huge lot of progress. I hope you folks get into the house in a timely fashion. :)
  • Glad to see this post on the progress! Hope the primer sticks this time.
  • And I swear by all that is holy and unholy, if the oil based primer does not stick, I will 1) invent a working time machine 2) go back in time to 1899 3) punch the construction workers till they use something that PAINT STICKS TO.
  • Wow! I am impressed by how quickly you are whipping this place into shape. Seems the sort of project formulated in an evil lab to break mind and body. >:-| Good luck!
  • Yay! :) So glad to read this update! I'd also love to see some more kitchen pictures when the painting is done.
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