Sullivan House: Renovation Log



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    Gil, Soto, Sara, Jackie, and Leigh joined Lincoln, Perry, Nicole, and myself.
    • Patched up crown molding paint in office
    • Delivered fish from pond in Warren to the Belle Isle Conservatory pond
    • Finished second coat of orange paint in first floor hallway
    • Got first coat of orange in front hallway
    • First coat of Cirtus yellow done in foyer & stairwell
    • Sheetrock in vestibule
    • Trim touched up in many places
    • First & second coat of orange in grand staircase
    • Cleaned up broken glass on front porch
    • Finished second coat of back wall on grand staircase (Citrus)
    • Touched up paint in bathroom
    • Painted back staircase ceiling first coat (Lilac)
    • Painted north wall of second bedroom purple
    • Drywall repairs/mud/spackle on second bedroom ceiling
    • Drywall repairs/mud/spackle on one part of second floor hallway ceiling
    • Finished second coat of Citrus in foyer
    • Finished sheetrock in vestibule
    • Trimmed weeds
    • Caulk electrical raceway in second bedroom
    • Caulk bathtub
    • Began first coat of Citrus in back stairway walls
  • - Continued work on loft beds
    - Sanded ceiling repairs in upstairs hallway
    - Sanded wall repairs in master bedroom
    - Cleaned out bathroom & took out garbage
    - Edged 1st coat of paint on ceiling, back stairwell
    • Met with another masonry contractor for estimate
    • Sold more fish
    • Sanded vestibule
    • Sanded and primed vestibule
    • Did edging of paint in grand staircase
    • More painting in back staircase
    • Sanded half of south bedroom ceiling
    • Got citrus finished in back stairway
    • Started painting Perry's room
    • Made significant progress on south bedroom walls
    • Tried running network cable from south bedroom to basement. Failed
    • Started painting trim in south bedroom
    • Moved a ton of stuff
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    Jacqueline, Leigh, Esti, Soto, Stacey, and Andy joined Nicole, Perry, Kyle, and myself
    • Kitchen lights work
    • Kitchen fan works
    • Kyle's room is mostly painted
    • Trim edged in Perry's room
    • Second coat on stairway ceiling
    • Stairway edged
    • Trim in front hallway painted
    • South bedroom significant painting done
    • South bedroom ceiling mud and sanding
    • Bathroom floor grout started again
    • All bathroom lights work
    • Range hood installed
    • Second bathroom cabinet, lights, fan installed
    • Second floor ceiling mud and sanding
    • Started removing paint from window frames
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    • New layer of grout on bathroom floor
    • Finished grout on edges of bathroom
    • Started removing old caulk in shower for replacement
    • Diagnosed tub leak
    • Second bathroom got a fan
    • Lights over kitchen sink installed
    • Brian & Nicole's room mostly done being painted
    • Perry's room got trim colors, bottom trim, doors, and window first coat done
    • Primed second floor hallway stairs with oil primer
    • Primed most of second floor hallway
    • Painting tape removed from Kyle's room
    • Tub tested. Works without leaks
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    Jacqueline came by to help today, with Lincoln, Aaron, and I
    • Second coat of trim in Perry's room plus touchups
    • Touchups in Kyle's room
    • Started back stairway paint
    • Wall repairs in upstairs hallway & master bedroom
    • Mudded Perry's ceiling & big crack in hallway
    • Cleaned up house & cleared upstairs hallway for painting
    • Aaron continued to work on the beds - almost done!
  • Just Aaron and me for the first part of the day
    • Did grout touchups in the bathroom
    • Finished the last parts of bathroom where there was no grout
    • Installed wall sconce in my room
    • Helped Aaron assemble first bed
    • Picked stain colors and bought stain for beds
    • Took delivery of the boys' mattresses
    • Arranged scaffolding shipment for carriage house roof tear-off
    • Arranged chimney repair schedule
    • Made initial contact with historic gutter restoration guy
  • Yesterday, Soley Heating came and fired up the rear loop of the boiler/radiator system and it's holding nicely. They return Tuesday to complete the hookups. And, Aaron finished the beds!

    Today, RC Marsack scaffolded the back of the house, removed the rear chimney, and shingled the hole where it had been. They return Monday for the front chimney repairs.
  • Saturday:
    Jackie, Aaron, Ryan B, Nicole, Andy, Jeff, and Andy's employee Dave were at the house with me.

    - Corrected severe angle in back porch by replacing its supports and rebuilding part of it
    - Re-piped the water mains with PEX
    - Sanded & painted Perry's bedroom ceiling
    - Painted south room of master bedroom
    - Spackled & sanded upstairs hallway
    - Inspected carriage house structure

    Jackie, Aaron, Ryan B, Jeff, Andy, & Dave again with me.

    - Installed bathroom mirror
    - Finished fixing back porch
    - Continued basement piping
    - Continued painting master bedroom
    - Primed upstairs hallway
    - Painted crown molding in Perry's room


    - Andy finished basement piping, including the laundry machine
    - Andy started installing kitchen backsplash
    - RC Marsack built scaffold for front chimney and started tuckpoint
    - Aaron continued staining the loft beds
  • Soley built the radiator runs to the kitchen and fired up the back loop of the house with heat. Also continued miscellaneous other work on the system.

    Andy installed backsplash tiles all around the kitchen.

    Jim came to take measurements for a rain gutter estimate.

    Aaron finished staining the loft beds.
  • Andy grouted the backsplash, installed floor drains throughout the basement, installed the dryer exhaust, and began working on the gas lines.

    Ralph & crew (RC Marsack) continued work on the chimney and brought in the cherry picker.
  • Andy installed gas lines, removed old gas pipes, installed stair handrails, and fixed Kyle's closet door.

    RC Marsack finished the chimney repairs - I'm really stoked about the work they did.
  • Andy started installing railings on the back porch.

    Brian painted the upstairs hallway and Perry did some painting in his room. I cleaned out the office and pub for the weekend and reorganized the attic so all our stuff will fit. Moved more stuff to the new house and stashed it in the attic.
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    Lincoln, Andy, Jeff, Brian, Nicole, Leah, Katie, Jason, and others helped Saturday.
    Brian, Nicole, Aaron, and Lincoln worked Sunday.
    • A lot of painting (master bedroom, upstairs hallway)
    • FINALLY got two network drops installed on the second floor with Jeff's help. FINALLY
    • Sanded & mudded downstairs chimney
    • Installed second rail on side porch and all balusters on back porch
    Monday, Aaron and Lincoln:
    • Installed smoke detectors and switch/outlet cover plates throughout house
    • Removed junk from pub and kitchen
    • Swept office & Perry's room
    • Moved giant bookshelf to block sealed office door
    • Continued sealing loft beds
    • Took supplies & spare drywall out to carriage house
    • Took out the trash
    • Cleared and threw away all drop cloths in the house, put away all painting supplies
    • Secured temporary ceiling fixtures
    • Bought cleaning supplies (mops, bucket, etc)
    • Scheduled inspections for certificate of occupancy, heating permit, and insurance
  • Yesterday I declared a moratorium on painting until we're moved in. Gotta go fast.
  • The kitchen floor was installed today, Aaron sanded the finish on the beds, and Dave the electrician returned to work on the first floor switches, hang the front porch light, and discuss other wiring plans. We moved more boxes and assembled another set of shelves in the attic, and Brian put the second coat of paint on the master bedroom tower and took some scrap metal away.
  • Friday we cleaned out, wiped down, and mopped the entire second floor. Leah joined Nicole, Brian, Kyle, and me.
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    Yesterday we mopped the office (again) and got that room unpacked. Figured out the great room layout, and started unpacking the kitchen and bathroom.

    Andy came today with Phil and installed the downstairs toilet and sink, dryer gas line, stove gas line, dishwasher, and fridge water line.
  • Andy and Phil came today to seal the bathroom floor & kitchen backsplash, fix the downstairs bathroom sink drain, and modify the vanity drawer to work with the pipes.

    Dave the electrician is working on an outlet downstairs for networking equipment and probably a few more things before he leaves.
  • This week & today:

    - Unpacked the rest of the kitchen
    - Mopped kids rooms, my room, the round foyer and dowstairs hall again
    - Andy installed the kitchen laundry chute door
    - Dave changed some switches and reinstalled the kitchen coverplates
    - Aaron fixed a piece of Perry's bed and started adding a few more support slats to them
    - Cleared the pub & round foyer
    - The sewers backed up again; had it snaked again and Brian cleaned the basement
    - Jackie came over to clean all evening
    - Kids broke down dozens of moving boxes and threw them in the dumpster
    - Fixed kitchen sink drain
    - Retrieved ceiling fan, Expo extension cable, bikes from Warren house

    It's kinda funny. Having a pool a shit in the basement elicited a giant shrug from all of us. We're really desensitized to household issues at this point.
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    Wed Oct 10: Last radiators were installed by Soley. Heating system now fully online.

    Sun Oct 14: I returned from PA with furniture (antique china cabinet, antique school desk, queen size bed, bureau, night stand, swivel lounge chair) and the last of my assorted junk left in my parents' house. Downstairs hallway carpet had arrived while I was gone.

    Mon Oct 15: Phil (Andy's assistant) came and did the first stage of repairs for the wall & ceiling cracks in the Pub. We took in the scrap metal piled in the carriage house.
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    Brian and I carted the old water heater out of the basement, then Aaron and I cleaned the laundry room floor. Step 1 was filling 2 trashbags with junk and scooping piles of nasty & dirt off the floor. Then hosing it down, then mopping over and over. Bleh.
  • Brian and I had an exciting Saturday.

    - Organized the attic for several hours
    - Removed old pipes & shelves from basement (Kyle & Perry assisted)
    - Moved furniture in basement to workshop room (no asbestos in there)
    - Removed asbestos from half the basement
  • The rest of the asbestos is gone as of today :)
  • Good thing! Hope you don't get cancer!
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