Sullivan House: Renovation Log



  • @qch2002 Siding / gutter repairs, chimney repairs, boiler/water heater, exterior & interior painting, bannisters, some minor electrical work, and probably a new roof on the carriage house.
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    Andy and I were there today

    - Patched most holes in great room ceiling
    - Installed some kitchen cabinetry
    - Finished new windows in kids' rooms (1 each)
    - Moved furniture/stuff out of bedrooms & foyer to clear painting space
    - Cleared trash out of the house
    - Spackled a few wall holes
    - Came up with list of tasks that people can help with
    - Brought back and setup all the fans (had been taken for Expo)
  • - Sold sponsorships for the attic and attic turret. :D
  • Sunday

    - Moved more furniture
    - Jeff came over and finished one of the front railings
    - Started practicing with the heat gun on one of the bedroom doors


    - Jackie & her friend Michelle primed the butler's pantry
    - Aaron & I primed the great room walls & ceiling

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    Yesterday all by my lonesome (it was absurdly hot):

    - Cleared & swept office & tarped the floor
    - Scraped loose paint & bumps off the walls of the office
    - Cleared/gathered trash & recycling in house
    - Spackled more holes in walls
    - Cut back weed hedge that had regrown in backyard, blocking sidewalk
    - Rearranged dining room to make room for more sundries from other rooms
    - Ventilated the first, second, and third floors
  • Yesterday, dropped off pop & water.

    Today, Aaron and I picked the paint colors for the entire house, inside and out, excluding the bedrooms. 20 colors in 33 places. I hate to admit it, but it was pretty damn tiring. It took all afternoon.

    Also started spackling the rough plaster in the downstairs hallway.
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    Dropped off more supplies today, spackled & sanded & wire brushed walls.

    Yesterday & today Andy's assistant Danny took care of some things:

    - Finished patching great room ceiling
    - Patched cracks in office ceiling
    - Drywalled the quarter bathroom

    Andy and I discussed our weekend plan.
  • Brian, Nicole, Jackie, Jackie's friends Esti & Michelle, Spencer, Andrew, Courtney, and Dave the electrician all joined me today for massive spackle party!

    - Finished wiring entryway light
    - Wired closet light for Perry & last outlet in master bedroom
    - Moved outlet for washer/dryer
    - Ran electricity for dish washer
    - Started running line for porch light and porch/kitchen outlets on the same wall
    - Discussed additional plans for tomorrow

    The rest of us:
    - Sanded, spackled, scraped & primed back stairs & upstairs hallway
    - Scraped & spackled foyer ceiling
    - Spackled foyer, downstairs hallway & front stairwell
    - Sanded office ceiling, then primed office walls & ceiling
    - De-thistled the backyard (oww)

    The house looks way less ghetto now.
  • Sorry I let you guys down today :( I was a bit too hungover. I guess I can't drink like I used to when I was younger (getting old sucks) I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow.
  • @likelylad32 You deserve all the days off you want or need. :D Thanks for all your help Sunday.

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    Sunday it was a full house again! Dave, Andy, Brian & Nicole, Jackie, Nicole's coworker Corinna, Aaron, Jason (ickybodclay @ Icrontic), and Brian's friend Adriana all came to help.

    - Installed back porch light & outlet, and additional outlet in kitchen
    - Worked on restoring power to an outlet in the dining room
    - Spackled the rest of the foyer, downstairs hallway, and most of the front steps
    - Finished priming the edges and crown molding on the great room
    - Primed the rest of the back stairs
    - Primed half the master bedroom
    - Primed B&N's bedroom
    - Finished priming office ceiling & crown molding
    - Removed wallpaper & primed master bedroom closet
    - Installed kitchen cabinets
    - Purchased kitchen sink / faucet / garbage disposal
    - Investigated how to repair/restore exterior door into office & searched for its hardware
    - Disconnected all but 2 of the radiators to scrape & prime behind them
    - Removed the tub so Andy can tile behind it
    - Removed the broken radiator from the kitchen into the scrap pile in the carriage house
    - Cleaned garbage & drywall dust out of the kitchen
    - Installed network patch panel
    - Investigated how to install gas line for stove
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    Determined paint quantities for entire interior minus the bedrooms
    Ordered paint for the kitchen, bathrooms, and great room.
    Picked colors for 3/4 bedrooms.

    //edit: Sometime between here and the weekend we unclogged the basement drain with CLR and picked colors for the final bedroom
  • Yesterday, Jonathan came up from Ohio to join Jeff, Nicole, Brian, Andy, and myself.

    - Hardware store run x2
    - Spackled, sanded & primed hallways and stairs more (this will take a long while)
    - Replaced piece of front porch steps that had warped
    - Continued tiling bathroom
    - Covered kitchen cabinets for painting
    - Went thru the giant pile of trim on the basement rack, moved what we needed to attic
    - Moved great room front radiator away from wall
    - Primed second half of master bedroom suite

    Today it was Andy and I, then Brian and Aaron came over in the evening:

    - Hardware store & grocery store runs
    - Spackled, sanded & primed hallways and stairs more (oh god why so much)
    - Painted kitchen ceiling
    - Cleaned up tools and messes, organized supplies, took out trash (it's a project)
    - Started sanding great room ceiling
    - Sanded the 1/4 bathroom
    - Finished tiling bathroom
  • PICS or it didn't happen! :D
  • - Scraped paint in rear stairwell behind radiator
    - Swept out stairwell & behind some radiators
    - Investigated professional services needed for the house
    - Scheduled chimney service quote
    - Took Ryder on a tour of the house improvements
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    - Scraped, swept, and double-primed the bottom half of the rear stairwell
    - Second coat of primer for the office
    - Started second coat of ceiling paint in kitchen
    - Primed the 1/4 bathroom
    - Cleaned up more messes in the house

    The basement floor drain overflowed again. :(

    Today marked the end of flaking paint & wallpaper in the Sullivan House. It is 100% scraped, swept, and primed (aside from wood surfaces that will be stripped).
  • Nicole and Andy joined me today

    - Installed the bathtub
    - Finished painting kitchen & 1/4 bathroom ceiling and taped it for wall painting
    - Spackle, spackle, and more spackle (rear stairs, office, entryway, and hall)
    - Sanded the great room ceiling
    - Cleaned out part of basement and removed more wires & old security system
    - Emptied trash
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    • Turned the pink walls in the hallway white with two gallons of primer
    • First coat of orange color on kitchen walls
    • Touch-up trim in kitchen
    • More primer in Pacific Room
    • More primer on back stairway
    • Began initial sanding in basement stairwell
    • Trimmed hedges
    • Sanded spackle in office & back stair and scraped more in office
    • Fourth layer of spackle added to giant crack in back stairwell
  • Kyle, Perry, Brian and I went over for a few hours tonight:

    - Sanded foyer & downstairs hallway ceiling
    - Sanded walls in foyer / lower tower room
    - Sanded rear stairwell walls
    - Began priming lower tower room
  • Nicole, Brian, and I were there today:

    - Added second color to kitchen walls (mostly done!)
    - Sanded lower half of walls in stairwell
    - Started scraping all the primer off the hallway & foyer walls :(
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    4 Aug (Sat):
    Dave (electrician), Jackie, Michelle, Andy, Phil, Phil J, Dave B,

    - Weeded backyard
    - Scraped primer from hall & foyer
    - Second coat of purple in kitchen
    - Second coat of primer in great room
    - Kitchen countertops cut & installed
    - Moved last kitchen cabinet
    - Started building custom end piece for countertop
    - Second coat primer on office ceiling
    - Discovered mold under back stairs
    - Installed kitchen fan!
    - Finished outlet on back porch

    5 Aug (Sun):
    Aaron, Kati, and Phil J joined me:

    - Second coat orange in kitchen
    - Removed tape and did touchup painting in kitchen
    - First coat paint on great room ceiling
    - Finished scraping & sanding hall/foyer primer fail
    - Removed drywall under back stairs and de-molded

    6 Aug (Mon)
    Aaron, me, and Soley crew:

    - Started bed construction
    - Removed old boiler
    - Second coat paint great room ceiling
  • Dave came last week and installed the kitchen lights and the great room fans.

    11 Aug (Sat)
    Kati, Sarah, Aaron, Andy, and I were there! Brian and the kids joined later in the day.

    - Light blue in great room, first coat
    - Oil primer in the downstairs hallway
    - Oil primer in foyer & lower stairwell
    - Primed downstairs hall ceiling
    - Worked on drainage issues in basement (another expensive problem, yay!)
    - Finished installing kitchen sink
    - Finished bathroom tiling
    - Mudded butler's pantry (where cabinets got moved) and spots in 1/4 bathroom
    - Mowed & weeded

    12 Aug (Sun)
    Kati, Sarah, Nicole, Brian, and the kids joined me.

    - Sanding & priming (second coat) kids' rooms
    - Oil priming top half of stairwell
    - Primed foyer ceiling & crown molding
    - Second coat light blue in great room
    - First and second coats dark blue in great room (minus chimney which still has issues)
    - Weeding yard
    - Cleaned bathroom for grouting
    - First coat of paint for bathroom ceiling
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    • Work progressing nicely on the boiler system. Soley guys spent a full day working on it
    • Nelson Bros. Plumbing came out to snake the basement drain. Success.
    • Comcast came out and installed internet service
    • Significant grout work done in bathroom
    • Sanded Perry's room ceiling and walls, final run. Ready for paint

  • Last night, Dave installed the outlets and switches in the kitchen.

    This morning I met with Dave the electrician & his temporary replacement Dennis to go over what electrical work remains.

    Soley arrived this morning to continue work on the boiler.

  • - Moved more boxes to the house
    - Finished grouting
    - Re-hung all kitchen cabinet doors
    - Cleaned up house and took out trash
    - Continued work on loft beds for the kids
    - Accepted deliveries
  • Summer Shindig event!

    Jackie, Matt (he finally showed up!), Jason, Norm, Meghann, Kaitlynn, Spencer, Perry, Kyle, Aaron, and Jeff all came out to help today.

    We got significant work done.
    • Painted trim in Pacific room
    • Cable managed and mounted cable modem
    • Touched up and finished grout in bathroom
    • Cleaned grout haze off bathroom tiles
    • Finished painting bathroom ceiling
    • Sheetrock applied to hallway
    • Hallway sanded, second coat of primer complete
    • Sheetrock applied to foyer
    • Initial priming of vestibule
    • Removed old ceiling paint in mine/Nicole's room
    • First coat of paint on Kyle's ceiling
    • Second bathroom painted
    • Weeds trimmed along house and fence
    • Power washer test of radiator paint removal (no good)
    • Painted ceiling in office
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    Soto, Jackie, Aaron, Kati, Norm & Spencer joined Brian, me, Perry, Kyle, and their friend Alex today

    - Touchup in great room
    - Walls got second coat in office
    - Downstairs hall & foyer ceiling got 2 coats of paint
    - Second half of master bedroom ceiling got 2 coats of paint
    - Half of the bathroom walls got 2 coats of paint
    - Kyle's walls got 2 coats of paint
    - The downstairs hall got its first coat of paint (ORANGE!)
    - The foyer walls were sanded & primed
    - Scheduled kitchen floor measurement for installation
    - Removed wallpaper from most of upstairs hallway ceiling
    - Scraped & sanded south bedroom ceiling (that previously had wallpaper on it)
  • Glad to see lots of needed progress. :)
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    So far this week:

    - Had measurement done for kitchen floor
    - Soley continued boiler install, including a new outdoor faucet (a line broke)
    - Aaron continues on the loft beds
    - Cleaned out the pub (dining room) - SO MUCH JUNK
    - Cleaned up office, kitchen, & great room
    - Cleaned up paper from upstairs ceiling
    - Took out trash
    - Touched up paint around office light fixture & changed lightbulbs
  • Yesterday:

    - 2 coats of paint on office crown molding
    - Edging for hallway wall paint
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