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Sullivan House: Renovation Log



    • Let the electrician in
    • Cut off samples for asbestos and lead paint testing facility
    • Took samples to testing facility
    • Dropped off first batch of scrap metal to recycling facility
  • edited February 2012
    • Sorted trash in basement into salvageable scrap metal and garbage
    • Bagged around 150lbs of scrap
    • Removed floor tiles from storage area in basement
    • Bagged and removed four bags of trash from basement
    • Vacuumed storage area of basement; walls, floor, ceiling
    • Moved new radiator into house
    • Met a new neighbor and her dog "Pepper"
    • Let Eva the Diva (neighbor cat) into the house for a minute to explore
    • Moved stuff from attic to office to condense messes
    • Looked at bathroom plumbing to decide how to fix a code violation
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    Big work weekend with Ryder and Ryan Perry coming out to help:
    • Removed buckled floor panel in kitchen
    • Removed cabinet and sink structure in kitchen
    • Made significant progress in cleaning basement
    • Removed a lot of floor tiles in basement
    • Removed several bags of trash from basement
    • Got another Bagster, filled it
    • Moved new radiator upstairs into Kyle's room
    • Moved two broken radiators from upstairs to main floor
    • Moved possible replacement radiator from basement to main floor
    • Showed house to @djmeph for the first time
    • Discovered that our dishwasher got stolen and we never noticed it
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    • Did major vacuuming of another basement section
    • Installed new security motion light on back of house
    • Removed two old toilets from basement
    • Removed more bags of trash from basement and kitchen
    • Finished trimming all hedges
    • Did some preliminary exploration of fixing front door
    • Installed new doorknob rose on second front doors
    • Tightened front door hardware
    • Scraped paint from stairwell
    • Swept entire back stairway
    • Cleaned out broom closet
    • Removed front door and planed the bottom so it opens and closes properly
    • Discussed layout of new bathroom with Andy
    • Diagnosed water in breaker box
    • Showed Dave (electrician) the water issue. Need a new meter box and mains cable
    • Diagnosed water leakage in basement
    • Installed bars over back door window
    • Installed new lock on back door
    • Installed wood over broken back window
  • Major plumbing renovations thanks to Handy Andy Home Service.
    • Rerouted all plumbing to second-floor bathroom
    • New toilet drain pipe location
    • New tub drain pipe location
    • New sink drain pipe location
    • Electrical work
  • That's all? Just "Electrical work"
  • That's all? Just "Electrical work"
    Yep. We didn't go this weekend. The electrician was there on Friday doing electrical work.
  • He was finishing the electrical grounding in the upstairs. :P
  • I remember when I made 12 outlets on the ends of three 20 amp lines duck taped to the floor all running out into the garage, out a window into your yard. All in one day. :D
    • New frame built for tub
    • New sheetrock for shower area and tub area
    • Removal of decorative plaster "thing" from bathroom wall
    • Consultation with boiler company
    • Removal of old electrical meter can
    • Replacement of 100amp mains cable with 200amp-rated cable
    • Installation of new electrical meter can
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    • Picked up a new dishwasher, bedroom mirror, decorative chest, and desk
    • Finished remounting/connecting electrical panel (had to be removed completely to accommodate 200amp line)
    • Found missing first floor door in carriage house
    • Found missing banister in basement
    • Discussed electrical plans for kitchen & bathroom
    • Surveyed scrap wood, searched for missing basement doors to no avail, and inspected basement walls for possible removal
  • edited March 2012
    • Bought toilet & shower fixture (for full bath), wax rings, and medicine cabinet (for half bath)
    • Andy and Eric scheduled a backhoe & delivery of waterproofing materials for sealing the basement leaks
    • Electrician continued work, now in bathrooms & kitchen
    • Brian did an interview with Katherine and John Hammond for "Blogging in the D" at the house
    • Brian went to Farmington pick up the desk we bought
    • Significant basement vacuuming
    • Began organization of "white room" in basement to prep for ceiling removal
    • Removed scrap and began inventory of things to potentially sell
    • Shower plumbing
    • Arrival and pre-setup of new window for main staircase
    • Upstairs electrical work
    • Showed house to Anne and Eli
  • A huge group of Icrontic friends came out to help this week.
    • Dug hole down to bottom of foundation to patch leak
    • Dug down to patch leak and replace bricks in rear corner
    • Sanded and prepped window frame in grand staircase for new window
    • Drywall installation in kitchen
    • Finished basement vacuuming
    • Moved sheetrock up to second floor for bathroom repair
    • Sanded, prepped, painted window frame for bathroom
    • Raked and removed matted down leaves in alley along back of garage
    • Begin ivy removal
    • Rake matted down leaves from front, easement, and street, and along hedges
    • Install new window in grand staircase
    • Remove failing living room ceiling section
    • Prep area for backhoe digging along back wall
    • Removed cabinet from one area in kitchen and moved to another area
  • Hi, Fede here.... hi guys....yeah, look....The really weird thing is - and trust me - this really is the weirdest...
    Remember, aaages ago, when I began that cosy little thread about 'what does our NB house look like?' and we got all manner of replies... some a bit more off-the-wall than others, admittedly...well, anyhow, when i posted that thread - this house is exactly what i thought in my mind, our NB house looked like.....
  • this house is exactly what i thought in my mind, our NB house looked like.....
    I believe it!
  • I mean, right down to the steps, and the porch and the balcony... everything.... even the tower - god i really can't believe this.....
    it defies explanation.
  • edited March 2012
    • Painted window for bathroom
    • Backhoe dug out along back & south side of house
    • Tarred & applied plastic to exposed walls
    • Replaced weeping tile pipe along both exposed walls
    • Preserved 1899-era clay weeping tiles for landscaping use later
    • Fixed foundation hole revealed on back wall
    • Fixed crumbled foundation we knew about in northeast corner
    • Backfilled both holes on the north side of the house
    • Drywall installation in bathroom
    • Removed & reinstalled fence section for backhoe access
    • Discussed further drainage options & solutions related to weeping tile
    • Dropped a hornet bomb in the attic
    • Electrical work continued
    • Moved kitchen cabinetry to account for previous botched measurements by previous owner
    • Reattached plastic lining to wall on tarred back wall
    • Removed & reinstalled fence again for backhoe access
    • Backhoe backfilled both south & back trenches
    • Shoveled debris from along curb (2 yard bags)
    • Filled 2 more backs of yard debris from previously-collected piles in front yard
    • Met another neighbor - Stephanie, 2 doors down
  • I think the crumbling foundation wall could be a concern. The old lime based mortars used in these brick foundations break down over time and essentially turns into sand. The foundations may require tuck pointing prior to waterproofing to replace worn out mortar that has lost bearing capacity. Modern mortars using Portland cement may be too hard for the older brick and may cause the brick to spall. A special mortar mix might be appropriate. I just don't know the mix design off hand.

    This may be an issue with the chimney as well. That diagonal crack above the mantel was a hairline when we lived there.

    While I'm at it, that black sooty look around the fascia of the porch roof may be indicative of poor ventilation of the soffit cavity under the roof. I know the porch was recently redone, maybe that was missed.
    • Finished drywall in bathroom
    • More drywall in kitchen
    • Discussed first floor electrical situation with David
    • Threw out several loads of trash
    • Cleaned office area for upcoming electrical work
    • Cleaned dining room area to prep for upcoming electrical work
  • It's a good thing you guys get on..... all it needs now, is for @Lincoln to say... hang on, I've had a re-think...." - !!
  • edited March 2012
    • Properly screwed down portion of subfloor in kitchen
    • Removed vines from smaller tree and cut off base of vines on larger tree
    • Replaced bathroom window
    • Removed floor tiles from basement room
    • Bagged rest of yard waste in front yard
    • Moved trash & yard waste bags to prep for dumpster and prevent grass from dying
    • Cleaned out bathroom (debris & construction mess)
    • Cleaned up accumulated garbage & empty bottles in house
    • Scheduled 10yd dumpster for delivery tomorrow
    • Andy probably did other things he didn't tell me about
  • You have 45 people living there - and one bathroom....?
  • The long term plan is for three, maybe even four :)
    • Nearly finished drawing grid on kitchen floor for tacking
    • Nearly finished tacking kitchen floor along grid
    • Finished drywall mud in kitchen
    • Finished drywall and mud in bathroom
    • Finished tacking
    • Sorted some stuff for a yard sale
    • Accepted delivery of dumpster
    • Started moving trash into dumpster
    • Moved the bulk of the trash into the new dumpster
    • Met a new neighbor, he helped
    • Sorted stuff for yard sale
  • Nothing going on this past week? ;)
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