Sullivan House: Renovation Log



  • Summer & Fall 2017:

    • Put a new sink in the half bathroom and replaced the TP dispenser.
    • Repaired original basement utility sink: all-new spigots, plus leaks sealed in first basin.
    • Redid the drier exhaust to use solid piping and not vent thru a window.
    • Finished painting the last bit of the carriage house windows and doors.
    • Patched & painted Perry's former bedroom.
    • Touched up paint in Kyle's former bedroom.
    • Installed new ceiling fans in Perry's & Kyle's former bedrooms.
    • Restored & reinstalled stained glass window.
    • Built a temporary scaffold in the front stairs to allow stained glass window access.
  • 2018 contractor work:

    • Added a rain chain to the carriage house to compensate for a sagging gutter.
    • Restored all 4 kitchen sash windows.
    • Restored east bedroom's east (rear) sash window.
    • Restored backstairs casement windows.
    • Added weather stripping to (full) bathroom casement windows.
    • Replaced kitchen faucets.
    • Found appropriate door & hardware to close off the basement (Andy installing soon).

    Aaron did considerable work constraining the dimensions of the garden around the front porch, as well, and moving plants around as needed between gardens. He also repaired one of the raised beds, but a new one failed this year (bottom fell out) so we'll likely be reducing the number of them next spring. He also continued work on his carriage house workshop.

  • I was expecting our window restorer Andrea to arrive this morning and work on window re-installation.

    Instead, Andy showed up unannounced and installed a door.

    There's a parable in there somewhere.

  • In early 2019, Andy installed the oak baseboards in the kitchen & bathroom, which means we have complete trim in the house for the first time. And... that was it.

    There's a lot of paint stripping to be done on trim, and some hallway / stair repainting to be be done. That's waiting on time (in warm weather, because ventilation). We still have a laundry list of windows to restore. That's waiting on money.

    It was an excellent 7-year run, but we've hit the pause button for now and I'm fine with that.

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